Which are the best hearing aids for the severe loss of hearing?

Hearing loss is a serious concern. Mostly, It occurs after the age of 41 and can lead to depression and a loss of memory in some. The most common hearing loss called “sensorineural” occurs due to the damage of tiny hair cells. These cells are responsible to convert the sound into electric signals that are further sent to a brain. A sensorineural hearing loss is not often cured but can be managed by hearing aids with selectively amplified. Amplification done is different in person to person.

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A hearing aid cannot be the best suited for every kind of hearing loss. The suitability of hearing aid depends upon various factors, the main factor is the severity of your hearing loss. The best hearing aid for someone who is suffering from severe hearing loss differs from one with a mild hearing loss.

Severe hearing loss

A severe hearing loss is the one in which severity, or level, of your hearing loss is described. The person suffering from severe hearing loss faces difficulty in hearing most environmental sounds as well as normal conversational speech levels.

People with normal ears can hear a soft sound range that is from 0 to 25 decibels. People with moderate hearing loss are able to hear 25 to 60 decibels. We classify a severe hearing loss as hearing thresholds in between 71 to a 90-decibel range. If a person comes in the severe hearing loss, then a person is unable to hear a sound less than 70 decibels, which is loud enough.

In most cases, hearing aids are the recommended treatment method for a severe hearing loss, although in some cases a cochlear implant may be recommended.

Additional assistive listening devices such as FM systems may also be recommended in conjunction with a severe hearing loss if hearing aids are not enough to overcome their hearing difficulties, particularly in background noise.

Facts about the best hearing aids for severe hearing loss for adults

A person affected from hearing loss should get consult from an ENT specialist only. He will test and provide you the best-amplified hearing aid suitable for the type of hearing loss.

The hearing aids providing the sufficient gain at all speech frequencies without any distortion and without an occurrence of any feedback is the best and well suited for severe hearing loss.

People having severe hearing loss need a hearing aid that provides them good audibility, sound quality should be clear and reduction of aggressive noise also the feature which assists in noisy environments.

Ear size and shape can differ from person to person. A buyer should also keep in mind to test the product before buying whether it is well fit in the ear or not. Best in fitting will give the buyer the best quality experience.

Since its an everyday use product, manufacturers should keep in mind the product durability and also enhance its battery life.

Manufacturers should also keep in mind that that additional assistive listening devices should also be compatible with their hearing aid, such as a telecoil, phone compatibility, remote mic, or FM System and many more.

Finally, as the people suffering from severe hearing loss will rely on their hearing aids for all day to day activities, comfort and reliability should be taken as the priority.

Important features of the best Hearing Aids for severe hearing loss

  • According to a survey generally, people prefer the option of multiple programming hearing aid, so that they can change its settings as per the surrounding conditions like if a person is sitting in a silent room or a person is in the cricket stadium.
  • Generally, people look for a hearing aid which is having rechargeable batteries that can be quite efficient in the future.
  • Nowadays most of the hearing aid is coming with a Digital Noise Reduction which improves the listening by cut out some extra background ad unnecessary sound.
  • At the high end, some advanced features are also coming in a hearing aid like-

Wireless Bluetooth Technology that allows a user to connect directly from their smartphones while doing calls or listening to music and watching movies.

Best hearing aids for severe hearing loss

Phonak Naida V   

It allows you to wear a smaller device which enhances your natural listening experience by increasing the audibility of high pitch sounds.

Oticon Opn Power 

Unlike traditional hearing aid technology, it focuses on one sound at a time. Oticon is fast to analyze and soundscape and can differentiate between sound and noise. It also allows you to access multiple speakers.

ReSound ENZO2

It is the smallest hearing aid which will give you the best 3D sound ever. You can also connect it directly from your iPhone and iPad.

Widex Unique Fashion Power 

It provides the user with the most detailed and high definition sound. Using a strong low-frequency output gives excellent sound without any distortion.

Unitron Max   

Now you have an option to personalized your hearing aid setting and have a recharge option. The company also provides you the international warranty.

Siemens: The nitro BTE

The new model is 30% smaller in size as compared to the previous version. Now it can connect with your electronic gadgets like smartphones, tabs, etc due to its new wireless connectivity feature. It provides excellent amplification as per required by the user.

Widex: The Super 

It designed in such a way that is compatible with a person who is having a very active lifestyle and interested in sports. With a very small in size and dust, resistance technology makes it unique from others.

You can purchase the latest hearing aids at a fair price through HearingSol, If you need more information or you have a query about Hearing Aid or Severe Hearing Loss, just give us a call on +91-9327901950. We are always here to help you.

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