How to do accent modification in speech therapy for adults?

Either you are trying to effectively communicate with friends or applying for a job, you know that having a strong accent can sometimes make things hard.

Speech therapy for adults can support a good range of individual assessment, and intervention for communication difficulties and swallowing issues. For various reasons, adults found fledged with speech and language difficulties. Here you will get the information about how to do accent modification in speech therapy for adults.

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What is an Accent?

An accent is a unique way of using a spoken language that people use collectively. A person’s accent common groupings are:

  • Regional Accents- Based on different parts of the country. For example, People from India often sound different than people from New York.
  • National Origin Accents- People only speaks English may sound different than someone from Iraq who speaks English as a second language.

Secondly, remember that accents are not a speech or language disorder.

On the contrary, better communication has many benefits in the community and workplace. That’s why people sometimes want to change their spoken language or the way they speak because of their individual needs.

For this purpose, an SLP (speech-language pathologist) can help conveniently.

Accent modification in speech therapy

Changing an accent could be possible with hard work and practice known as accent modification. Exactly! the way an SLP does. Such as:

  • An SLP can help to improve proficiency or pronunciation for expressing thoughts and ideas clearly with confidence.
  • In addition, they are trained in the sound structure of English and how sounds are physically created which is the part of the Speech Therapy Centre’s accent modification program.
  • A speech therapist can help to change the regional accent, where English is used as a second language, professionals who want to communicate better and performer who need to learn a new accent for their character.

Besides, the SLP needs to understand the way of speaking to help you with your accent. Such as how you pronounce different sounds, how you put stress on the sounds and rhythm of your speech etc.

Advantages of accent modification encompass the following

  • Ability to employ communication in a variety of settings.
  • Increased confidence when speaking in English or the ability to understand English.
  • Increased ability to be understood on the phone or by others.

Good communication has various benefits in the workplace, social and community settings. Speech-language pathologists have the single skills to teach accent modification. It is through this program that our customers can learn to communicate more effectively and easily in the home, workplace, and community as a whole.

Our accent modification program includes

  • Accent Reduction training
  • Engaging and meaningful exercises for speech sound errors, and  grammar
  • Workplace Terminology like medical, business and education based
  • Oral reading of language related to your business and profession
  • Communication Strategies like meetings, telephone conversations, sales, and customer service
  • Conversational techniques and common phrases
  • Speech Presentation and delivery
  • Grammar and writing skills improvement

Working With an SLP(speech-language pathologist)

To help you with your accent modification, the SLP needs to understand the way you speak. The SLP will learn more about:

  • How do you say different sounds?
  • The way you sound while talking It contains the rhythm of your speech and how you put stress on some sounds.

The SLP will demand you to read words and sentences. The SLP will also hear how you speak in the conversation. It is also important for the SLP to know what you have communication problems and what your goals are.

The SLP will use this information to help you change your accent modification. You may work with the SLP alone or in a small group.

Hence, a speech therapist does accent modification for adults to communicate more easily and effectively at home as well as at the workplace.

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