Hearing aid & loss myths

Hearing Aids – Myths and facts

The following are some common delusion about hearing aids and hearing loss:

Myth 1:- Hearing Loss only affects the seniors and it is a sign of aging.

Fact:- Hearing Loss is the problem that can occur at any age. Mostly hearing loss problem occurs due to the high volume of sound. In fact, due to the environmental noise, hearing loss is becoming a common problem in teenagers and young adults.

Myth 2:- A Hearing Aid device is not used for a minor loss of hearing.

Fact:- Some people say that hearing aid is not the solution of their hearing loss, such as the high-frequency deafness. This statement is not true. Even hearing aid is the solution for 95% of the population suffering from Hearing Loss. Now Hearing Aids comes with more technologies and features. Hearing Aid is the more powerful device that amplifies the sound and helps in hearing better.

Myth 3:- Hearing Aids are observable and unattractive.

Fact:- Previous models of the hearing aids were unattractive. But nowadays companies are providing advanced technology hearing aids. These hearing aids are costly but more attractive. Advanced hearing aids are more fashionable. These hearing aids provide you many of the features like telecom, Bluetooth, and wireless connectivity. These hearing aids are not easy to observe because they completely fit into your ear canal. Hearing Solutions is one of the best organization which will provide you the best hearing aid that is attractive and not observable.

Myth 4:- Hearing Aids can restore the hearing.

Fact:- Hearing Aids cannot restore the original sound. These devices amplify the sound so that you can hear better. These hearing aids help you in conversation. Increase the sound according to your hearing loss.

Myth 5:- Hearing Aids can destroy your residual hearing.

Fact:- Best Hearing aids cannot destroy your hearing. Hearing Aid devices are used to amplify the sound. So that hearing loss people could hear better. As we know hearing aids are prescribed after testing which type of hearing loss patient is suffering from. After that, a particular hearing aid is suggested for that hearing loss by the audiologist. You will need to regularly clean your hearing aid.

Myth 6:- Smaller Hearing Aid devices are superior in technology.

Fact:- Superiority of technology of hearing aid is not dependent on its size. Both small and big size hearing aid devices are powerful and provide more technologies. The cost of these hearing aid devices increases as you see high featured hearing aid. Hearing aid devices are beneficial and helpful in a noisy environment.

Myth 7:- Buying a group hearing aids online or by purchase order can save time and money.

Fact:- Buying a group of hearing aids online save the time and money. But you will need to be careful because sometimes it can be fraud. Many of the companies do fraud at the time of hearing aids selling. You will need to check the reviews of a company before purchasing hearing aids online.

Yes, many times it is beneficial because many companies provide you the cheapest hearing aids at low prices. You will have to be careful before purchasing it. Take the advice from your audiologist. Try the rates offline also and then compare price.

Myth 8:- You should store your hearing aid batteries within the refrigerator.

Fact:- Hearing aid batteries need to be stored at room temperature like alkaline batteries. If you store a zinc-air battery in the refrigerator then it may actually harm the battery. There is a hole in the top of zinc-air battery to allow maximum airflow. But if you place them in the refrigerator then condensation forms on the battery casing and moisture drip into the air holes. The moisture fills up the battery that ultimately will result in premature battery failure.

Hearing loss is an often overlooked health issue that requires treatment. The untreated hearing loss has been linked to issues from depression to dementia. Wearing hearing aids helps decrease your risk of developing these issues. However, there are many myths surrounding hearing aids that may deter you from trying them. Here are a few hearing aids myths vs facts so you can better educate yourself and take the first step toward treating your hearing loss today.

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