8 Myths And Facts You Must Know About Hearing Aid

Ranjeet KumarReviewed by Mr. Ranjeet Kumar Sr. Audiologist, Speech Therapist & Cochlear Implant Specialist, BASLP on May 11th, 2020 written by Editorial Team

Hearing aids are used to improve deafness and their technology continues to get better. However, if you’re still hesitant about whether they can help you, it’s possible your worries are based on outdated information of Hearing Aid Loss Myths and Facts. Deafness is often overlooked as a health issue that requires treatment.

The hearing aid is the best solution according to 95% of people who have used these devices. Here are a few hearing aid myths and facts, so you can better educate yourself and take the first step toward treating your deafness today.

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Here Are 8 Common Hearing Aid Loss Myths And Facts

1) Only seniors get affected by deafness and hearing aids makes you look old:-

Tinnitus Hearing Aid Loss Myths

Deafness is the problem that can occur at any age. Mostly deafness problem occurs due to the high intensity of sound. Nowadays, deafness is becoming a common problem among teenagers and young adults. Hearing aids are no longer a sign of old age – persons are seeking to treat their deafness sooner to ensure they stay in the game.

Think about it. With the average retirement age increasing, persons are leading much more demanding lifestyles through work and play. Hearing aids allow them to stay at the top of their game and remain in the game longer.

It ain’t an old thing anymore because the definition of old has changed a lot in the past century. So listen up and get a hearing evaluation when you notice deafness.

2) In case of severe deafness, hearing aid can’t be used:-

Pulsatile-Tinnitus (1)

According to some people hearing aid is not the solution to their deafness. This statement is totally wrong. Because hearing aid is the best solution for 95% of the population diagnosed with deafness. Now Hearing Aids comes with more features and upgraded technology.

There are now digital hearing aids with the ultimate power if that’s what you need. Even if you experience severe hearing loss, there are plenty of powerful units on the market – one to fit your level of deafness no matter how severe.

Powerful digital hearing aid used to run short on features and options; however, now persons with severe deafness can also take full advantage of digital features such as directional microphones and noise reduction.

3) Hearing Aids are observable and unattractive:-

Hearing Aids are observable and unattractive

Previous models of the hearing aids were unattractive. But nowadays companies have regularly updated the features of their product to match customer needs and desires. At present, you can see a lot of advanced technology hearing aids.

These hearing aids are the quality product and hence costlier but more attractive than previous once. Advanced hearing aids are more fashionable. These hearing aids are full of advanced features like Wifi, Bluetooth, Telecom, etc. Today’s hearing aids are stylish, discreet pieces of art.

In fact, many are winning consumer electronic design awards left and right for their innovative and stylish design. There are sizes and styles to fit every hearing loss. Some hearing aids, called completely-in-the-canal or CIC hearing aids, are completely invisible because they fit into the ear canal.

4) Hearing Aids can restore the hearing:-

Hearing Aids cannot restore the original sound. These devices amplify the sound so that you can hear better. These hearing aids help you in conversation. Hearing aid even increases the sound according to your deafness.

5) Hearing Aids can destroy your residual hearing:-

Hearing Aids can destroy your residual hearing

Best Hearing aids cannot destroy your hearing. Hearing Aid devices are used to amplify the sound. So that deaf people could hear better. That was probably a few years back, right? When hearing aids weighed a pound or two dangling off the back of your ear and falling into the soup.

Well, things have changed big time in the hearing aid world with the advent of digital technology. Advanced hearing aids are full of latest features. It allowed clearer speech, less background noise, and natural listening experience.

As we know hearing aids are prescribed after proper testing and knowing the type of deafness. After examining the test, the audiologist suggests a particular hearing aid for deafness.

6) Smaller Hearing Aid devices are superior in technology:-

Size doesn’t play a role in the superiority of the technology of hearing aid. Both small and big size devices are powerful and provide more features. The cost of these hearing aid devices increases as you go for the high featured hearing aid.

7) Online purchase can save time and money:-

Hearing health professional

Buying a group of hearing aids online can be profitable and it can be worthless even. Many times it is profitable because many companies provide you with the cheapest hearing aids at low prices. But you will need to be careful because sometimes it can be a fraud.

Many of the companies do fraud at the time of hearing aids selling. So you should check the reviews of a company before purchasing hearing aids from that company. Check out the price on different websites and compare the product to get the maximum benefit.

8) Hearing aids are expensive:-

Hearing aids are expensive

Expensive is a relative term. The cost of hearing aids has actually decreased over time when compared to the rate of inflation. Today, hearing aids range from approximately $1,000 to $4,000 each, depending on the technology selected. Averaged over the lifetime of the instruments (3 – 5 years or more), the cost per day of a pair of highly featured, advanced instruments is about $3 – less than a large latte at your favorite java joint.

And hearing aids are proven to not only help you hear better but to actually improve the quality of life for people with hearing loss and their families.

Now think about it. Let’s say you spend $4,000 on a pair of hearing aids. (BTW, many retailers offer low-cost financing). That’s a lot of money. But then you go out and spend $35,000 on a family van. That’s more then 10 times what you paid for those hearing aids.

Consider the bang for buck equation. You spend $4K for a decent pair of hearing aids but you get back the ability to hear sounds you haven’t heard in years. New hearing aid wearers report hearing birds for the first time in a decade. Can you put a price on hearing a grandchild’s laugh or a romantic whisper?

The ability to hear clearly is to fully immerse yourself in life and to enjoy all the sounds that surround you. That’s not a dollar-and-cents consideration any more than a pair of eyeglasses comes down to dollars and sense.

Hearing is beautiful. It adds a long-lost dimension to everyday life. You hear sounds that you’ve forgotten but didn’t know you missed – until you hear them again. And when you do, you’ll understand why hearing aid myth-busting is catching on.

You can purchase the latest hearing aids at a fair price through HearingSol, If you need any assistance or you have a query regarding Myths and Facts About Hearing Aid or Hearing Loss, feel free to call us at +91-9327901950. We are always here to help you.

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