Combination of Hearing Aids And Glasses – New Blessing Of Technology

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Whenever we hear about hearing aid, a question arises in our mind what it is ? how to use it? So, first, discuss something about hearing aids.

A hearing aid is a small device which is used to increase the hearing ability for better communication with people. Instead of using it individually, now we can use it in combination and that’s called Combination of Hearing Aids And Glasses.

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Hearing Aids and Glasses

Wearing a hearing aid with glasses can sometimes become problematic. Some people are afraid of using a hearing aid with their glasses. It’s because they thought it could be uncomfortable using both together at a time.

In today’s life,  it has become a more popular combination, especially for elders. They need this combination to perform their daily activities. With proper care and the right choice of both glasses frame and hearing aids, you can enjoy hearing with little mess.

In the market, there are many types of hearing aid are available in different shapes and sizes. The most popular type is in the canal, behind the ear, and in the ear such as the HD 250 digital hearing aid.

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So, if we wear hearing aid and glasses together there is no side effect. And this is true for all situations except for the occasional “thump” noise when putting the glasses on after your hearing aids.

This occurs only because of the earpieces of the glass that can hit the microphone of hearing aid. The worst case is when the glasses touch the hearing aid and stops when the glasses are on.

Hearing aid poses no problem in the ear and the canal of the ear with wearing glasses. But if the whole device goes inside the ear then the hearing aid may cause some discomfort if not cited properly. But, it doesn’t mean that the hearing aid is not good for the glass wearer.

Some people who are suffering from both hearing and visibility problems may feel discomfort in front of others when their aid is visible.

Because of that, there are some invisible hearing aids also. And they can also choose lenses instead of glasses. While this may be convenient for some people but it is not universal.

Classification of Hearing Aids

There are different types of hearing aids available in the market depending upon your preference and the type of hearing loss you are suffering from. These hearing instruments are positioned in either ear bowl or in the ear canal.

Except for completely in canal hearing aids and the other canal hearing aids can be slightly visible from the side of the ear. These are good choices for those who are looking for a small device.

These are the devices that are invisible to others. They are suitable for glasses but it may not be a good choice if you have a severe hearing loss. They are suitable for mild and moderate hearing impairment.

1. ITE (In The Ear)

ITE is the largest among all other hearing aids. They fit half of the external ear. It’s all parts are contained within the shell.


  • Easy to handle
  • Long battery life due to a large battery cell
  • May pick up more noise than other small devices.
  • It is more visible in the ear than smaller devices.
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2. ITC (In The Canal)

It is custom modeled and fits partially in the ear. It is helpful for both mild and moderate hearing loss.


  • It is less visible in the ear than the larger style.
  • Susceptible to earwax clogging the speaker.
  • Discomfort can be an issue for many people.
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3. CIC (Completely In The Canal)

It has been designed to fit in the ear canal completely. It improves mild to moderate hearing loss problems.


  • It is less likely to pick up less noise.
  • It uses very small batteries which have a shorter life.
  • It doesn’t contain extra abilities like a directional microphone.
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Popular Models

Here we are going to discuss the most popular models of ITE, ITC and CIC hearing aids-

A. HD250 Hearing Aid

HD250 is a mid-range device anyone can purchase it easily. It offers excellent sound quality and a range of impressive technical features and a user-friendly device. It is remarkably good, given the level of technology on offer.

  • There are so many features in HD250 hearing aid.
  • It is very small, discreet and comfortable to wear.
  • Adjustable volume for a more personal performance.
  • It is fully programmed to match hearing test results.

B. HD500 Hearing Aid

Hd500 is an outstanding canal hearing aid with fully adjustable settings. It is designed not only for the ultimate sound quality but also for comfortable wear.

  • Small in size.
  • Light in weight.
  • Almost invisible when worn. And you forget that you have worn something in your ear.
  • One size fits all.
  • Easy to Handle.

4. BTE (Behind The Ear)

In this section, we are going to discuss some types of BTE devices.

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Popular Models

A. HD210

When it comes to small and discrete, there is nothing much better than HD210 hearing aid. It is compact and fits easily behind the ear.

It offers a number of technical enhancements and is competitively priced. It comprises of noise reduction technology that is comfortable for a user.

B. HD350

HD350 is one of the best hearing aid for a more sensible wearer.

Talk to our Hearing aid specialists, you can get the best advice to wear eyeglass hearing aids according to the level of hearing loss that you are suffering from.

Hearing Aid Glasses Clip

Most the people find it uneasy to handle hearing aids. Audiologists (+91-9327901950) suggest the best way to handle hearing accessories loss by using hearing aid clips.

With the invention of hearing aid glasses, there are chances to hide our disability and eliminate the fear of losing too with hearing aid glasses clip.

Advantages of Using Hearing Aid Glass Clip

  • Inexpensive: Today the market offers a variety of colors for hearing aid glasses clip with the best price. With this, we can reduce the loss of these devices at a deductible rate started at $33.95 US only.
  • Protection from environmental damage: Imagine yourself on the boat and due to sudden waves, it splashed out by water. It can even damage your hearing aid. Sweat, moisture, and dirt are other environmental factors affecting them. These clips are designed to prevent such factors.
  • Prevention of forgetful moments: Forgetful moments arise for newer and long-time wearers. If clips are used then it is very unlikely that you forget or lose device during the shower. Hearing aid glass clips will help to avoid unnecessary loss of aids during sleep or at any time.

Recent Invention Using ”Glass + Hearing Aid”

“Seeing and hearing in one”

La belle Spectacle Hearing Systems combine hearing module and glasses elegantly that no one can notice your aids. It provides the best solution that seems to be natural and invisible to others.


  • high wearing comfort
  • brilliant hearing feeling
  • ideally positioned on the head


In this given article we have discussed the possibility of using hearing aids with glass. We found that there are so many types of hearing aids in the market which make it easy to wear both together at a time.

These aids are the blessings of technology to solve hearing and visibility problems. If you didn’t find any, Call us +91-9327901950 today, book an appointment for a FREE consultation for hearing aids at the HearingSol clinic.

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