6 Best Hearing Aid Apps Of 2020 For People With Hearing Impairment

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In today’s world, technology made almost everything easy or adjustable according to the need of an individual. Here in this article, we are going to talk about hearing aids and related Hearing Aid App technology.

Now is the time when a hearing aid is not the only solution to treat hearing loss, there are many other related things like Hearing Aid App, noise level apps, assistive listening devices, etc to improve your hearing as better as you want.

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So in this article, we are going to discuss various apps and asl compatible with your hearing aid to provide you a better and more natural hearing.

6 Best Hearing Aid Apps Of 2020

The following are the 6 apps that are proven to be helpful in hearing loss and even in tinnitus problems. These apps are:

1. uHear

Are you someone who thinks they have a hearing loss, so don’t wait and just try this Hearing Aid App. uHear is a hearing test app that allows you to test your hearing to determine that your hearing is within the normal range or you have a potential hearing loss.

This app enables patients to assess their own hearing on an iPhone or iPad in less than 10 minutes. It is developed by Unitron (hearing instrument maker).

This Hearing Aid App offers three different screening assessment that tests the following potential:

  • Hearing sensitivity- it allows to determine if you are able to hear within the normal range.
  • Speech in noise will determine your ability to speak in a crowded area
  • The common hearing ability or daily hearing performance.

2. MobileSign

With the help of this Hearing Aid App, people communicate in sign language over 4000 searchable signs using a predictive search engine.

And with the help of this app, you can also manage the sign list and make an automatic list of recent view sign. It has a design to help those with hearing disabilities and Deaf sign language users communicate more effectively.

The MobileSign app can be useful for any type of device, such as on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

3. TapTap

TapTap helps people with hearing loss or hearing impairment to alert them when a loud noise has been made near them. Simply designed this Hearing Aid App to help deaf people. It will vibrate your phone to alert or flash some notification.

So you can make your attention when someone speaks. It is designed to vibrate and flash in response to noise sounds in the environment. But it does not have a voice or speech-recognition quality.

4. Dragon Dictation

This technology will help in voice recognition, designed by Dragon *NaturallySpeaking*. It allows you to speak and check your text or mail. With this app, you can update your status in your social networking application.

This Hearing Aid App will give the user enough information to improve their understanding of the conversation. It is available on iTunes for free.

5. LiveCaption

This Caption will show every word in real-time. It will display spoken text on your iPhone or iPad, so you can read what is being said. This Hearing Aid AppHearing Aid App is very easy to use.

To captioning your voice just press the microphone button on the keyword and speak. Whatever you want and your result will be displayed as text.

It also works with connected Bluetooth devices like headsets and standalone microphones for greater distance from the device.

6. Next Generation Text service

It is previously known as text direct or type talk. It helps people with hearing a loss to use the telephone system. When you are on a phone call, it works as an intermediate between speaker and receiver.

It helps to convert voice to text and vice versa. So that two people can communicate with each other easily. You can download this app from Google play store and for iPhones and iPads use apple store.

Their Hearing Aid App is currently not available for Windows smartphones.

Hearing Protection Apps

Even a low level of noise is very harmful to the human ear and excess level of noise causes hearing loss. Now there are many Hearing Aid App that measure your environment noise and recommend appropriate hearing protection.

App NameDescriptionAvailability
Sound MeterThis app will measure the noise in decibel with the help of a microphone and also refer sound to be compared.Android
HearAngelThis is a safe way to use headphones without worrying about hearing damage. It is an advanced app that will help you and your family. By using this app, your phone monitors you when listening to music and let you know when you are in danger.Android, iOS
SoundcheckDo you feel troubled trying to understand conversation in the crowd? This app is a Simple and free sound spectrum analyzer.Android, iOS
HerculesIt helps people measure the noise and notify them about taking a break to avoid hearing damage.iOS

Hearing Test Apps

If you are worried about your hearing and do not have time to make an appointment (Toll-Free – +91-9327901950) from doctors, then test your hearing through mobile apps.

Health-related applications for the smartphone are most downloaded in the market.

App NameDescriptionAvailability
Play it DownListen to your favorite songs and check out what it sounds like to those 5, 10, 20, or 30 years older than you. Find your hearing quality with friends and family and see who can hear best.Android, iOS
Better HearingAnalyzes your hearing to find at which frequencies you can’t hear.iOS
Mimi Hearing TestTest your hearing at various frequencies and find your “hearing age.”Android, iOS
Hearing-CheckA quick and simple way to screen your hearing by entering the number you hear.iOS

Assistive Device Apps

If you have disabilities or need special treatment means you need assistive technology. There are many apps in the list that are covering special needs.

App NameDescriptionAvailability
CaptionfishDisplay you a list of all the movie theaters and showtimes where closed captioning services are available in your area.iOS/Android
Sound AlertTurns your smartphone into an alerting device. This app will monitor your environment and send you a visual or vibration to ensure safety, comfort, and security.iOS/Android
P3 MobileA voice relay service app that allows deaf and hard of hearing individuals have telephone conversations.iOS/Android
ConnectIt helps those who are deaf and hard of hearing to detect dangerous sounds, communicate with people, make calls in case of emergency and danceiOS/Android

Sign Language Apps

Sign Language Apps help to interact with a new group of people. The main aim of these apps is to provide an enjoyable, learning experience and being convenient.

App NameDescriptionAvailability
ASL Dictionary from NTIDAn ASL to English dictionary that demonstrates how signs change, or “inflect” to convey different meanings.iOS
DictionaryTranslates English into American Sign Language (ASL) from A-Z, numbers, common English phrases, symbols, and more.iOS
FingerspellingThis tool will help you to improve your ability to read finger-spelling.iOS
Marlee SignsLearn ASL from Marlee Matlin, Academy Award Winning Deaf actress.iOS

While these apps offer hearing loss support, it is important that you make an appointment with a hearing care professional when the app is not enough to get what you need. Give us a call at +91-9327901950 today and book an appointment.

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