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    We help you to get rid of different types of speech problems through various treatments

    Pediatric Speech Therapy is a service provided for assessment, communication, feeding, and swallowing. If your child got trouble in communication such as putting sentences together, stutters or experiences difficulty with sensory processing, pediatric speech therapy would be beneficial.

    Pediatric Speech Therapy

    Pediatric Speech Therapy treats communication problems of expressive and receptive that cause problem with verbal communication. This therapy will be beneficial for your child if he stutters, experiences difficulty with sensory dysfunction or has trouble in putting sentences together.

    If you need any assistance or have a question about Pediatric Speech Therapy, you can consult our HearingSol experts with your problem, feel free to call us on +91-9327901950. We are always here to help you.

    In pediatric speech therapy communication challenges like expressive and receptive will be treated. These challenges cause difficulty with verbal communication. This therapy also helps in treating oral motor concerns like chewing, swallowing, auditory processing, social skills, and articulation.

    The speech pathologist will try to make the child feel every therapy session as a play. To focus on the child’s receptive language the therapist will create a fun and motivating obstacle course in which the child will follow specific instructions and directions to recall a sequence of events.

    Signs That Your Child Needs Pediatric Speech Therapy

    Your child might need to see a speech pathologist if he has one of the following difficulties:

    • Problem or difficulty in feeding or swallowing, that is he is not able to properly eat or drink foods and liquids.
    • A problem in articulating certain sounds.
    • Stuttering
    • Problem or difficulty in using phrases, words, and sentences to communicate
    • A problem in understanding general information like directions.
    • Problem or difficulty in regulating behavior and organizing information.

    The Task Of The Pediatric Speech Therapist

    • Identify children’s area of difficulty in communication and providing support and strategies for improvement.
    • They work with families to identify the best way to treat and help their child to communicate with their full potential.
    • They work directly with children according to their needs.
    • The therapist provides support to their patients and school staff and helping them to adopt the way in which they give information or communicate with the child/young person, in order to make the language simpler to understand.
    • They analyze child activities such as eating/drinking skills and swallowing and giving the advice to support and improve these skills.

    Benefits Of Pediatric Speech Therapy

    Top benefits of pediatric speech therapy are given below:

    Better Articulation

    Articulation is important for people who are affected by impaired speech. People improve their communication skills and confidence by learning to articulate properly. There are many ways a speech pathologist can suggest you improve your articulate words.

    Improvement In Eating And Swallowing

    Swallowing or eating problems also known as dysphagia can be a result of brain injury, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke or multiple sclerosis, etc. In this condition, the speech pathologist will use a blend of techniques and exercises to improve oral process while reducing the risk of aspiration. These techniques help in increasing the control of a person over his swallowing capability. These techniques are:

    • Head Positioning Technique
    • Swallow Maneuvers
    • Biting Techniques
    • Modifications of Food & Liquid Taken
    • Techniques to improve the range of motion (ROM), Strengthening and coordination of the jaw, lips, tongue muscles, and cheeks.

    Reduced Stuttering

    The speech therapist will help a stuttering patient by modifying the speaking way of the person and guiding some exercise to strengthen the tongue. This will improve the person’s stuttering to a point where it will become non-existent. Some instruction that the pathologist will advise the patient are:

    • Before the encounter, take deep breaths and pace the breath during talk time
    • Talk slowly as much time as you can
    • Some words that contain any sounds that can trigger the person’s stuttering, should be avoided.
    • When alone, exercise the trigger words by which fluency of those words will increase.
    • Talk in rhythm.
    • Try to visualize the words as it will help hugely.
    • To calm the nerves, use gesture and pacing.

    Understandable Accent

    Speech therapy makes a person able to speak clear words by which his/her speech can be understood. However, speech therapy is not only useful for people who want to overcome their speaking disorder but it also helps people who want to gain or lose an accent. In this, the speech pathologist will help people in overcoming their accent by learning the way they sound currently and after this, the focus will be on several sounds and determining if the person is able to get the new accent or not.

    Reduced Anxiety & Increased Confidence

    When a person is not being able to talk properly he/she might suffer from frustration, anxiety, and also decreased confidence level. In this case, the speech pathologist will help the patient in decreasing the anxiety by building confidence in the speech of the patient naturally. It is a truth that if you speak without any faults and with flair, your self-esteem will automatically increase which will allow you to be more independent and ready to lead a better quality of life.

    If you or your child is having an issue like speech problem contact our speech specialist today because it’s better to be safe than to be sorry. Dial our toll-free number +91-9327901950 or Schedule a visit at HearingSol. We are always ready and happy to help you.

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