Is it possible to get tinnitus without having hearing loss?

Generally, ringing and buzzing in the ears is called tinnitus. This sound is audible, even when no external sound is present. Damage and loss of the tiny hair cells which can arise from various factors like noise, age, medication, and other health diseases can result in tinnitus. However, tinnitus is a symptom of hearing loss disease. But yes, in the same way, it is also possible to have tinnitus without having hearing loss.

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If a person is exposed to very loud noise, such as a live show, concert, explosion then he might experience temporary ringing in one or both ears.

Tinnitus without having Hearing Loss

For example, exposure to extremely loud noise, such as a rock concert, gunfire, or an explosion. These can create temporary ringing in the ears for a short time. Tinnitus is caused due to reduced nerve activity which connects the damaged part of the inner ear of the central nervous system in the brain, leading to increased nerve activity, as the signals travel to the brain

Tinnitus sounds are different for every individual. Even it may vary for every individual from day to day e.g buzzing, whooshing or humming, etc. Tinnitus is not a disorder but the fact is that it is only a symptom nothing more. And it can be cured. Deafness is a disorder. People may experience tinnitus with or without hearing loss.

Secondly, hearing loss and tinnitus are two separate conditions. To clarify, just because one has tinnitus it doesn’t mean he/she has hearing loss. And if one has hearing loss doesn’t mean he/she has tinnitus. The new development in the hearing aid can correct both hearing loss and tinnitus at the same time.

Tinnitus may lead to hearing loss if it is not cured or attended. As tinnitus is temporary. Suppose you are exposed to the loud noise for a longer time. Then you may experience ringing in the ear. Your ear needs rest that time. As your hearing will be restored after threshold time. And your tinnitus will also disappear. Here you cant relate tinnitus with the hearing loss.

Tinnitus test

The audiologist performs the hearing test for tinnitus in which an audiometer is used to obtain pure tone frequencies in average equipment. An audiologist can control the frequencies and transmitted to the patient via headphone.

Audiologist increases and decreases the intensities of every frequency to identify the hearing threshold of the individual. These hearing thresholds are a further plot on audiometer.

The loss is mild, moderate, strong or profound is dependent on the intensity of the hearing loss or tinnitus.

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