If a person is partially deaf at birth, can they be cured?

Being partially deaf at birth can be cured or treated? At present, there is no cure, but all over the world research is going on. The scientist finding a solution so that they will find a treatment for hearing loss. The best option available is cochlear implants and hearing aids. Hearing aids can amplify existing hearing, or a cochlear implant can create a new type of hearing, the more appropriate device depends on the type and level of hearing loss.


If a person is partially deaf at birth, can they be cured?

There are several treatment options available – some types of hearing loss can be repaired by surgery, others not.

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Currently, hearing loss is treated using artificial equipment – either a hearing aid or a cochlear implant. Hearing aids use to treat mild to severe hearing loss. In deep hearing loss and deafness, current treatment is based on the cochlear implant placement. There is another large group of patients whose hearing loss is low or normal low or low thresholds in the frequency band, with almost deafness in high frequency. We propose to describe this type of hearing loss as partial deafness. Patients of this group are only out of the range of effective treatment through hearing aid.

For patients with cochlear implantation, such patients have not been considering before. As it was feared that this interference would harm the portion of the functioning of the cochlea.

In the implanted ear preserving the low-frequency acoustic hearing, the partially inserted cochlear implant was used to restore the hearing at high frequencies. The results show a substantial improvement in speech discrimination and communication skills on one side. When the electrical stimulation on one side was mix up with acoustic stimulation on both sides.

Surgery options for partially deaf people

Surgery for the center ear infection

Chronic infection of the center ear can represent a risk to a patient’s wellbeing. Eardrum puncturing (i.e. a gap), ear bone disintegration bringing about hearing loss, unusual develop of skin inside the ear, and also endless seepage from the ear is only a couple of results of endless ear infection. Surgery is an option to remedy these issues and also consist of various sorts of activities.

Surgery for hearing loss because of otosclerosis

Otosclerosis is a typical cause for hearing loss that outcomes from hardening of the third ear bone (the stapes). In other words, it is an unusual growth of the bone in the middle ear. Another name of Otosclerosis is otospongiosis.  Surgery is an option to enhance hearing finally. In these cases using prosthetic ear bone that is bypasses the hardened region.

Surgery for hearing loss because of other hearing bone issues

The three bones of hearing (malleus, incus, and stapes) can be disturbed by an assortment of issues finally. Surgery to reestablish hearing in these cases frequently includes the reconnection of the ear issues that remain to be worked out an eardrum finally.

Cochlear implant surgery

The surgery is performed with the help of a cochlear implant device. The cochlear implant is a small complex electronic device. Cochlear implant beneath the skin beyond the ear. The patients with extreme to the significant hearing loss in the two ears, a cochlear device used to treat hearing loss. The cochlear implants consist of two main components:-

  • The Internal part:- The internal part of cochlear implants consists of a receiver which is implanted beneath the skin of on the temporal bone. It is connected with one or more electrodes, which are put in the cochlea.
  • The External part:- The external parts consist of a microphone, speech processor, transmitter and battery compartment. As soon as the microphone gets the sound, the speech processor converts into electrical signals. The signals received by the internal electronic stimulator, which forwards the signal to the electrodes in the cochlea.

Surgery for ear fluid

In the kids and adults, a repetitive liquid may develop, prompting hearing loss. In this middle ear air cannot pass in or pass out through the ear, this may cause an infection and results in hear loss. And expanding the chance for more permanent issues. In these cases, a situation of an exceptional drainage tube inside the eardrum might be beneficial. In this surgery, the eustachian tubes are put into the ears to maintain the ventilation in the ear.

Things that help deaf people

  • Hearing aids, which helps a deaf person to listen to the sounds.
  • Teletypewriter (TTY), a machine with text typing that allows a deaf person to communicate with people.
  • Sign language, a language that allows a deaf person to interact with someone else.
  • Hearing Dog, that is a dog trained by people to help a deaf person.

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