How Obesity Increases The Risk Of Hearing Loss?

Obesity continues to be a major concern in the health of the world’s population. Its effects have led to increased demands on health care systems and a decreased quality of life for many. An obese person is exposed to a large number of health problems and hearing is one of them.

Running or any other physical activity is good for health. But can you imagine those people who are overweight, during the physical activity they Feels to energy-less and tired too early? And overweight people have more chance to occur many diseases easily.

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Obesity is a condition where a person gain too much fat and it might have a negative effect on their health. It has a negative effect on hearing function, especially the person able to hear high frequency. Obesity is also a factor in the staggering number of young people with hearing loss.

Obesity is defined as having a body mass index(BMI) of 30 or more. In BMI calculation weight and height of a person is included. if any person body-weight has 20% higher than it should be, He or she is considered obese.

Relationship Between Obesity And Hearing Loss:

Obesity is the reason for many health problems like type 2 diabetes to heart disease. But did you know it is also linked to hearing loss?

Obesity Increases The Risk Of Hearing LossAccording to a Research on women who have body mass index fell between 17 to 25% more likely to experience more hearing loss as compared to normal BMI.

Our inner ear looks like a semi-circular tube and it is filled with fluid and nerve ending. Hair cell is one of the important components which is responsible for detecting sound.

According to the study of blood, flow and oxygen contribute to the health of the hair cell. Because of obesity walls of capillaries struggle to transport oxygen to hair cell efficiently. Once If hair cells damaged than it don’t regenerate and cause permanent hearing loss.

Obesity can cause high blood pressure because weights make it difficult for your heart to pump blood throughout our body. And we know high blood pressure can cause tinnitus or ringing in the ear.

Reason Behind the Connection Between Obesity And Hearing Loss:

Most of the people become obese for several reasons depending on an individual to individual. Lets a look some of the reason for it.

Consuming Too Many Calories:-

Our generation eating more food than the previous generation. But today generation eating too much junk food which contains rich amount of carbohydrate.

Consumption of sweetened drink contributes to increases the level of carbohydrate(Sugar) in our body.

Don’t Take Good Sleeping Nap:-

The Chances of obese is increased if you are not sleeping enough. The risk applies to both adults and children. If you don’t take a good sleeping nap than your body release ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates the appetite.

Sleep deprivation may lead to obesity through increased appetite as a result of hormonal changes.

And many reasons that cause obesity double. So, be healthy and away from the health problem and hearing loss.


If you have recognized that you need to lose some weight, there is no time like the present to get started. By the time next year not only your heart thank you, but also the resulting benefit will be music to your ears as well.

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