How Does ASD Differ From Rett Syndrome?

Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is another name as Developmental or Neurological Disorder. This type of disorder affects behavior and communication. ASD Differs From Rett Syndrome because of so many reasons which we will discuss next.

Basically, In this kind of disorder, a person faces difficulty while interacting with others. The person with Autism Spectrum Disorder shows various symptoms as discussed below:

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  • Restricted interests and repetitive behaviors.
  • Difficulty in communication and interaction with others.
  • Person’s inability to function properly in school, workplace, and other areas of life.
  • Overly Focus on Certain Object
  • A tendency to be Withdrawn
  • Indifferent to Social Engagement

Rett Syndrome

In 1999 researchers discovered that Rett syndrome cause due to unique as well as rare(1 in 10,000 births), a non-heritable genetic mutation of the MeCP2 gene. As this gene is located on the X chromosome, females are mainly affected by this. Males, having only one X chromosome, survive rarely to birth.

However, Rett Syndrome is a rare genetic neurological disorder. It occurs mostly in girls. Generally, it is discovered in the first two years of life. After that, there is no cure for Rett syndrome. Although, early identification, as well as treatment, may help girls and others who are suffering from it.

The person with Rett Syndrome shows various symptoms as listed below:

  • No Language Skills
  • Problems with Hand Movements
  • Slow Growth
  • Trouble with Breathing
  • Muscles Weakness and Stiffness
  • Weak Bones
  • Hyperventilation
  • Irregular Heartbeat
  • Pain

ASD differ from Rett Syndrome

rett syndrome

There are so many selected reasons which show that ASD differs from the Rett Syndrome as discussed below:

In the case of ASD, it may be considered in anybody that suffered from a neurological or developmental disorder.

While in Rett Syndrome, it occurs mostly in girls who suffer from a rare genetic neurological disorder.

Generally, at the beginning of child development, it may be found that the symptoms of Autism and Rett Syndrome are the same. But that differs rapidly as the child develops.

With Autism, the lifespan of a child is similar to the general population. But in Rett, the lifespan of the child is very complex due to the lack of Historical information.


Chemical imbalance (ASD), dissimilar to Rett disorder. However, One out of 88 youngsters is influenced by ASD. It is named as an uncommon hereditary neurological and formative issue.

Since there isn’t a naturally known reason for ASD. Since there is no known hereditary marker for ASD or explicit natural reason for the confusion. ASD unexpectedly influences young men more than young ladies.

Dissimilar to Rett disorder, ASD may not completely uncover itself under clinic examination. Another one of a kind attribute in ASD is that kids incline toward items rather than peoples. This is inverse of RTT. With Rett disorder, the inclination is regularly towards peoples. Kids with ASD do not like affection while RTT appreciates the affection.

Life expectancy for the youngster with ASD is normal. For a youngster with RTT, little is thought about the death rate because of the absence of historical data.

Comparative Features of Autism and Rett syndrome

Characteristic Autism Rett syndrome
Regression Some regress Universal
Eye Gaze Poor Good except during regression period
Socialization Poor Good except during regression period
Head Circumference Infants: large

Adults: normal

Postnatal deceleration
Hand Skills Generally good Poor to absent
Gait  Generally good Dyspraxic/None
Periodic breathing Uncommon Common

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