How do I turn my hearing aid on and off?

Hearing aid

This seems to be a very obvious question, but how you can turn your hearing aid on and off? Why still no button is present to switch on and off your hearing aid?

With the advancement in technology, the size of the parts is decreased. We went from large handheld phones to smartphones that are slimmer than ever.

Likewise, hearing aids started out on the larger side. Earlier hearing aids use electricity and were worn around the neck now, we have reached the kind of hearing aid which are works on the transistor and easily fit inside the ear.

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Once silicon came with the improved technology, which explained why the on/off button disappeared. The hearing aids today becomes invisible when you place them in the ear. Instead of taking space for on/off the hearing aid companies come up with simpler solutions.

How to activate your hearing aid for the first time?

Your hearing aid is nothing but a miniature electronic device that runs with the help of special batteries. To activate your hearing aid, the first thing you have to do is inserting the battery in the battery drawer. The hearing aid start up when you close the battery drawer.

A jingle is going to play while the startup process is running. Put the hearing aid on as soon as the battery drawer is closed. If you hold the hearing aid in the hand while activating, it may produce a whistling sound. This will eventually stop when placed in the ear.

Turning your hearing aid on and off

1. Turn on your hearing aid just by closing the battery drawer completely after placing the battery. When you close the battery drawer of your hearing aid, it plays the jingle sound. This is the indication that your hearing aid is working.

2. Turn off hearing aid by opening the battery drawer. If you want to preserve battery of hearing aid, make sure your hearing aid is switched off when you are not using it.

Reasons why hearing aid does not work properly-

There can be multiple reasons why your hearing aid is not working properly. Even if you have closed the battery door properly and your hearing aid is not working. The first reason

  • Dead battery:- The hearing aids battery could be dead because of the use of battery too much. The life of hearing aids battery is too low. The average of the battery is 75 to 200 hours. Before using hearing aid make sure you alter your battery.
  • Blockage:- The next common reason for hearing aid is blockage. It is basically a malfunction. Make sure you have clean your hearing aid properly before using it. Keep your receiver clean. If after cleaning is hearing aid is not working properly then concerned to the hearing aid professional.

If you are not able to switch on your hearing machine then consult a hearing aid professional.

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