How bone conduction headphones are useful in Military communication?

There are two types of conductions for hearing.

  • Air conduction (AC)
  • Bone conduction (BC).

Both pathways are used to transmit auditory signals. When sound waves travel through the air to the cochlea in the inner ear its called AC.

While BC, Sound waves change into vibrations that sent through the skull bone to the cochlea. Here we will discuss Bone Conduction Headphones:

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About Bone Conduction headphones

Bone conduction headphones useful in Military communication to enhance fighter safety and drive mission accomplishment by control the body’s natural capacity to exchange sound through bone conduction, exchanging messages specifically from the soldier cap to the internal ear. It is being produced as a major aspect of Company-financed explore which aim to reduce the burden on the warrior through wearable innovation.

Fighters should have the ability to get audio communication to amplify their awareness and understanding the situations where they are working.

A fighter should also get protection from high-frequency noise like gunfire. The military discovers this requirement to help the soldier with the help of bone conduction headphone.

The military force request to use a similar type of technology local to standard bone conduction headphone which transmits sound straightforwardly to the internal ear.

By taking advantage of this correspondence framework. Fighters will be able to hear all, more effortlessly and get immediate sound transmissions even while on a noisy war zone.

How does it work?

The human body is able to transfer sound through its bones. Sound waves also go through the ear canal.

The vibrations causing in the bones is transmitting from bones through cochlea to the internal ear. The shape of these headphones is based on the methodology as these headphones can be wear over the ear not on the ear like air conduction headphones. Due to the model of the bone conduction headphones a person can able to hear the sounds that are transmitting into the devices and the sounds on the surroundings as well.

In bone conduction, sound avoids the eardrum. Rather, the tech changes over sound waves into vibrations that send through the skull bones specifically to the place inside the ear called the cochlea. At this site, the sound is converting into nerve driving forces for the cerebrum to get it.

Why Bone Conduction Headphone Is Getting Prior In Army

A Bone Conduction headphone helps in exchanging the messages to the internal ear by causing bone conduction by controlling the human boy’s capacity so it is highly safe to use by the soldier.

It allows hearing the messages exchanged clearly even in the noisy surrounding due to this fighter in the war field can get the information accurately. Moreover, there are various reasons for using Bone Conduction headphones

  • Bone conduction headphones are wearable and safe to use which prevents from loss of hearing.
  • It can be used in various fields and place for hearing the sounds transmitted clearly.

Other Devices Use To Communicate

Radios are a fundamental apparatus that powers use to speak with each other. And understand the environment where they are working. In the battlespace condition, radios should be viable in the middle of loud noises from blasts and gunfire. Warfighters additionally need to defend their hearing ability against the noise volume by wearing sound protection.

With this cutting-edge bone conduction tech, warfighters still send and get messages while wearing sound protection for their ears.

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