Why do people with high functioning Autism have a hard time modulating their voice volume?

The People With High Functioning Autism have a hard time while modulating their voice volume. This is so because they have the Asperger Syndrome. The people with Asperger Syndrome have some overly sensitive sense and the under-sensitive sense.

Why do people with high functioning Autism have a hard time modulating their voice volume?

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With Asperger Syndrome, the people have trouble while talking. The people may be talking too loudly at this time. We know that Asperger Syndrome is the type of Autism.

The people tend to be under sensitive in many of their senses. These people like loud headphones, bright colors, and especially orange for safety.  

When asked the people, are they listening to music or whatever too loud? Then they will reply “NO”.

There are some facts to elaborate on this concept as follows:

  • Sensitive to unwanted or unexpected sudden loud Noise
  • Do not interpret ourselves talking as sudden loud Noise
  • Live in a world of random noise
  • Do not think of the thoughtful speech as random Noise
  • We discuss above some facts, which are common for Neurotypicals as well. These are especially in adult males. Due to this, they talk over, interrupt, disrespect to the others. They regard as a lower status for everyone like as a woman.

Sometimes, the people with Asperger Syndrome have to talk over those who would interrupt. There are so many issues on the spectrum with sound in general.

In any Environment, there are a lot of sounds whether loud or not. Due to these sounds, our brains will interpret it as too loud or too many. We modulate our voice accordingly.  

When you know that you tend to talk loudly, then you have to ask your close friend. They will tell you that your voice was loud or not. Hence, you can practice at the right volume.

Understanding the underlying neural mechanism, we used tests such as FMRI on individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

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