How did hearing aids change the world ?

Hearing Aids Leading Brands

If a person cannot hear properly, using a hearing aid will be the best option or them. Hearing aids have given the second life to the people suffering from hearing loss. Using Hearing aids people can listen to music and communicate with other people easily without facing a problem.

It revealed that the cost of hearing aids represents an excellent return on investment. Hearing aids were among the top ten cost-efficient medical interventions alongside anti-smoking campaigns and breast cancer screening.

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Societal Impact study group carried out the study and presented to the World of Hearing Conference.

The Range of Hearing Impairment

According to the research, 20% of adults and 36% of people at age 55 and above are suffering from hearing loss. The overall prevalence of hearing impairment is likely to rise to some 30% of people in the next century.

Hearing impairment has a significantly harmful effect on the quality of life. Social isolation, depression, loss of employment, cognitive dysfunction, reduced self-reliance and loss of independence. Clearly, the conservation and optimization of the hearing will lead to a better quality of life among the population.

World Wide Impact

The world wants to know the impact of receiving hearing aids, so the first-ever study was conducted in order to measure the impact of hearing aids on the lives with low income, especially in developing countries.

In this study, we look after the life of the people who were unable to get proper treatment and the kind of challenges they faced.

People suffering from hearing loss:

  • Were poorer as compared to the people who were without disabling hearing loss.
  • Were more inclined towards depression.
  • Living poor quality of life.

After receiving hearing aids:

  • 82% seems to be satisfied with their hearing aids
  • 71% of people used their hearing aid daily
  • 78% used for at least 4 hours per day

The use of hearing aids had shown great improvement in mental health & wellbeing, including:

  • The great decline in the rate of moderate-severe symptoms of depression
  • 86% of the people said that hearing aid increased their self-confidence
  • 88% of the people reported that hearing aid made their life more enjoyable
  • 23% of people felt that their living has become much safer than earlier
  • 56% reported that now they can easily talk to their family and friends and moreover socially connected to them

This study shows that hearing aid helped the people to lead a normal life like everyone else is living.

Luckily, there is a solution. With new technology, there are many digital, wireless hearing aids. Providing access to reasonable hearing aids improve lives, allows children to attend school, grow up healthy, productive and happy. Hearing aid users also notice a change in their family behavior, that is why they finally able to communicate and enjoy family life better.

3 Ways Hearing Aids Change The World

Let’s take a look at the three most important ways that hearing aids can change your life.

Lifelong health

There is a strong connection between hearing loss and mental health conditions. If you have a hearing problem, you are four times more likely to experience dementia. The reality is that when you lose your hearing, you start remembering all the sounds you commonly use. And while the researchers are still unsure why the loss of these normal sounds is related to brain health.

Work, Family, And Social Benefits

When you are experiencing hearing impairment, your relationships can be very bad. As the speech becomes difficult to understand – it can cause jealousy between friends, family and work colleagues who cannot really understand the problem. Without the help of a hearing specialist and help, people with hearing loss can often start refraining from going loud and in noisy environments, such as churches, restaurants and other busy public places. If you want to maintain your independence, want to be social, and live your life in its entirety, then an appointment with a hearing health professional will be your first step towards achieving your goals.

Wellbeing And Comfort

There is a dangerous meaning for the disease coming along with hearing loss gradually. When you can not hear what is going on around you, it can lead to insecurity. It is difficult to describe how much the hearing loss can bother, but ultimately it will increase the level of your stress. And unfortunately, any kind of stress can have a great impact on people’s lives, and even serious health problems like hypertension, stroke and heart disease can also occur. By receiving a hearing aid, this concern can be improved in a significant amount, and you can be better understood.

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