Does ReSound Hearing Aid App turns your phone into a hearing aid remote?

The ReSound Hearing Aid App turns your phone into a hearing aid remote. You can use your ReSound control app to control various things which include adjusting volume, changing hearing aid program, and you can also use it to stream sound from other streaming devices such as TV. The hearing aid app control is available for iPhone, iPod or iPod touch running iOS 7 or later.

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Some task that we can do from hearing aid app:

  • Remote control of streamers: You can use ReSound TV streamer 2 or Micro Mic and Multi Mic to adjust the volume.
  • Change hearing-aid program: You can change the hearing aid program using hearing aid app control from your phone and you can also rename your program.
  • Check connections: If you are not properly connected or lose your connection to hearing aid. Then you can check connection status, it is broken or connected, if a connection is broken than show red.
  • You can easily turn your hearing aids into wireless headphones by connecting with wireless streamer such as TV within the 22-foot range.
  • Control your hearing aids: You can control settings and features of hearing aid.

Advantages to Resound Hearing Aid

  • Brilliant sound quality
  • A full spectrum of streaming
  • Support and optimization from anywhere
  • World’s most advanced rechargeable solution

List of some ReSound hearing aids work with the ReSound hearing aid app or control app:

  • Enya
  • Verso
  • Alera
  • LiNX
  • LiNX2
  • ENZO
  • LiNX 3D
  • ENZO 3D

How the ReSound Hearing Aid App turns your phone into a hearing aid remote?

By turning your phone into hearing aid remote by streaming our phone calls and audio straight in the android/phones.

It will help the phone ringtone to override the audio streamed from the TV and allow you to decide whether to answer or reject a phone call.

It allows you to adjust your Smart Hearing aid’s volume and program settings – right from your phone.


Thus resound hearing aid app enhances the smart hearing experience by turning your phone into a hearing aid remote. As a result, it provides easy communication, connection, and usage.

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