what should I do if my hearing aid gets wet?

Most of the hearing loss person think what should I do if my hearing aid gets wet. These days most of the hearing aid available in the market are moisture-proof it means sweating of your body, going outside on rainy days do not damage your hearing aid.

But most of the hearing aid is not completely waterproof because of this you need to take care of your hearing aid in a rainy environment such as a swimming pool. If your hearing aid gets wet, you always not need to buy a new hearing aid. You can do various things to protect your hearing aid.

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Different manufacturers have different features for hearing aids. Waterproof is one of them. They are expensive than normal hearing aids.

Things to do if hearing aid gets wet:

  • Immediately you need to remove your hearing aid from the water.
  • Turn Off your hearing aid and remove the battery as soon as possible.
  • Close battery door of your hearing aid and remove the tube and dry it gently with a cloth and towel. Shake your device gently to remove more water from your hearing aid.
  • Leave your hearing aid until it completely dried out
  • Do not use any heat such as a microwave or oven to dry out your hearing aid. High heat can damage your hearing aid more than water.
  • You can dry your hearing aid gently using a hair dryer at low settings.
  • If you satisfy your hearing aid are dried than try a new battery.
  • If your hearing aid still not work then sent for repairing.
  • You can dry your hearing aids by using sunlight.
  • Take some uncooked rice in a plastic container with a lid. Insert your hearing aids inside the container with rice. Leave your hearing aids for 24 hours because rice soaks up the water of hearing aids.
  • If the water is salty or dirty, wash your hearing aids with fresh water and then use dehumidifier such as rice, wheat.

Things not to do if your hearing aid

  • Avoid keeping your hearing aid in the microwave or conventional oven. It’s too much heat and you can end up melting an important part of the hearing id.
  • Don`t consider hearing aid as broken. Give some time to hearing aids for drying. If it needs repairment, send it for repair.

The most important thing is that you need a new piece of hearing aids. Because electronic devices are not resistant to water.

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