Does Medicaid cover hearing aid batteries?

The Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, And Treatment (EPSDT) program is the child health care programme under Medicaid. Its services cover the children from birth to age 21 years who are at risk of hearing impairment.

EPSDT program covers Audiological assessment, Hearing aids evaluation, Hearing aid services including hearing aid, hearing aid accessories like hearing aid batteries and services. Therefore inequality exists for Medicaid cover hearing as the federal government does between children and adults.

Medicaid also provides payment for replacement of hearing aid accessories and hearing aid when medically required to maintain a person’s hearing aid in functional order.

What does Medicaid Cover?

  • Medicaid covers both routine and comprehensive hearing exams to diagnose and treat diseases of the ear and also tests to determine the need for hearing aids or alternative listening devices (ALDs).
  • Medicaid covers hearing aids (once every 5 years), fittings, cords, tubing, connectors, oscillators, receivers, and Huggies.
  • It also covers alternative listening devices (ALDs) for people 21 years of age or more (once every 3 years).
  • Medicaid covers Cochlear Implants for all ages.
  • Infants to 23 months of age with a hearing loss of at least 90 dB.
  • 2 years and older with a hearing loss of at least 70 dB.
  • Medicaid covers delivery, adjustments, and modifications of hearing aids within a 24 month period. The manufacturer’s warranty must cover a 90 day trial period in which the hearing aid can be exchanged or returned if the user is not satisfied.
  • It also covers battery and ear mold replacements, maintenance, and repairs.

Medicaid cover for adults

Medicaid doesn’t require to cover the hearing aids in twenty-two states. Its coverage differs from each other states. And the investigation should change in the other outstanding twenty-eight states which are surviving on the hearing loss problems. there are few kinds of advantages are available for adults. Like as disagreement exists in the national government that doesn’t need to keep Medicaid cover hearing aids for adults and they give permission to individual states to make their own tips.

For older adults, the consequences of age-related hearing loss particularly those related to understanding speech have a large impact on there daily life routine and these accessories are much useful for day to day functioning , but these items depending on your location Medicaid cover hearing exams, hearing aid and other accessories like hearing aid, hearing aid batteries.


Check your local Medicaid office to know whether hearing aid batteries are covered by Medicaid in your state or not. A licensed audiologist provide screening, medical clearance, testing and evaluation for Medicaid. The result of an audiometric examination decides whether the hearing impaired patient will get hearing aid batteries or not. In Medicaid to ensure maximum and continuous benefit from the use of hearing aid a written recommendation from the licensed audiologist is a must.

Does Medicaid cover hearing aid batteries?
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