Why do most people think vaccines don’t cause autism?

Many vaccines have a one in 1 million chance of a severe allergic reaction. Everyone has already made the good point that vaccines do not cause autism. Even the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine has very rare serious side effects. One may have witnessed a child stop developing normally.

Vaccines can never be the reason for this. That is why most people think vaccines don’t cause autism. It is a cognitive error, which is known as post hoc ergo propter hoc.

Autism vaccine

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The truth is that a child may show signs of autism before vaccination. It’s just that you didn’t recognize them. Prior to the two years of age, signs of autism may be there. But they may be very subtle. That’s the main reason why many parents consider that their child has developed autism suddenly. They are unable to recognize the early signs and symptoms.

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Autism is a genetic condition. The condition has no relation to vaccines or the child being bottle fed or the type of TV shows the child watches.

Aluminum in Vaccines

Many people think that Aluminium present in vaccines may cause autism at some stage. The percentage of aluminum in vaccines is considered being the reason to cause everything from Alzheimer’s to autism. Whereas the fact is that the level of aluminum in vaccines is way below than found in baby food formula and even human breast milk.

This evidence shows that the amount of aluminum in vaccines is not related to any neurological damage.  Extraordinary claims like these also require extraordinary evidence. After all, decades of enormous studies have been done to show that vaccines are safe. And that little amount of aluminum in them has no negative effects.


Neither thimerosal nor MMR vaccines cause autism, as stated by 20 epidemiologic. Vaccines overwhelm a child’s immune system in connection with the biological implausibility, as suggested by the studies. The researchers have effectively dismissed the notion of vaccines causing autism.

Most autism researchers maintain that the causes of autism are many and include environmental and genetic actors, but don’t involve vaccines. For further studies, on the cause or causes of autism, the main focus should be on more-promising leads.

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