What Are The Communication Tips For People With Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is a common problem and it is mostly created by a noisy environment and by some infection like head injury, by medicine and have some bad habits like smoking and drinking. Hearing loss is not a big problem for those people who have hearing loss but other people have the problem with them in communication. After using hearing aids they are not capable of communication in every situation.

Better hearing requires better communication tips for people suffering from hearing loss.

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Trick to maintain communication


Grab the attention of the listener before you are going to talk. For example, call the person by the name. The person suffering from hearing loss hears better from one ear. Try to talk from that side of a person. To gain the attention you can touch the person in shoulder, hands, and arms.

Eye Contact

Make eye contact with the person who is suffering hearing loss. Because of making eye contact you will show the body language as well as facial expressions. For example, the facial expression shows the mood such as sad happy. Sometimes people suffering from hearing loss try to read lips.

Keep your Hands Away

When you are talking to the person keep your hands away from the face. Because you have to produce clear sounds and allow the listener to see your facial expressions.

Most of the listener perceives the thing from the talker`s face. Too much facial hairs such as beards and mustaches hide the facial expressions. Listeners try to read the speech which is named as speech reading.

Natural Speaking

Try to speak naturally. Don`t try to shout because of it there is a problem in comprehending the words for the listener. Take a pause between the sentences.

Use of Synonym

If the listener is facing a problem while you are saying something. Try to repeat it only once. If the listener again fails in comprehending the words or sentences. Now try synonyms for words or try to rephrase the sentence.

Reduce the Background Noise

When you try to communicate try to avoid the background noise. Background noises create a disturbance, for example, turn off the TV or radio. While communicating try to talk in a quiet place.


Light plays a vital role when you are communicating with the people who are suffering from hearing loss. Because the light on our face is vital for the listeners. So try to communicate from there, where light is focusing on your face.

 Communication Tips For People With Hearing Loss

  • People who have hearing problem maintain attention and totally focused on those persons who communicate with you.
  • Maintain your eye contact because eye contact will help you with concentration and lip reading and facial expression. It plays an important role in communication with other people.
  • You should speak naturally and clearly also should not shout speak clearly in slower speed enunciate your words.
  • Don’t put your hand on your face during communication because listeners are reading your facial expression and your lips. Use facial expressions and gesture to communicate properly.
  • You should sit or stand 3 to 6 feet away to maximize audibility.
  • Stay at eye level to help with visual cues. Visual clues will enhance your communication rapport between you and the person.
  • Raise your voice slightly. Your voice should neither be too low nor too loud. It must be audible to the listener.
  • Speak slowly and slightly to make the listener understand your views. The person will be disturbed if you speak fast. As he will be unable to catch the words due to listening disorders. Every word and letters should reach the ears of the person clearly.
  • Use short and simple sentences for communication. Rephrase the words if the person is facing problem in understanding your words.
  • You should not speak directly to the person’s ear as it can cause distortion.
  • Speak with the feeling of cooperation and empathy.

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