Can Tinnitus Caused By TMJ Disorders Be Cured?

Yes, if tinnitus caused by TMJ Disorders be Cured by using a different type of treatment. The Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) is the type of joint which relates the joint Jaw of your mouth to the skull. So, the reason tinnitus caused by TMJ disorders is below.

The upper and lower jaws are connected to five pairs of muscles as well as The Temporomandibular Joint. TMJ disorders can be developed when the muscles, bones, and joints do not function properly. Due to this improper function, there are a lot of problems occurs including with Tinnitus.

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If you have Tinnitus, then you will hear a sound in one ear or both ears. Due to this, you will unable to hear. The sounds, you listen at the moment of Tinnitus as ringing, roaring, clicking, hissing, whistling, etc.

TMJ affects Tinnitus

The three main theories behind the problems of TMJ relates to the Tinnitus as:

Firstly, The chewing muscles are near to the important muscles. That insert into the middle ear and It may have an effect on hearing and promote the Tinnitus.

Secondly, It can be a direct connection between the ligaments. That is attached to the jaw and bone of the hearing that sits in the middle ear.

Thirdly, The supply nerve from the TMJ shows the connection with the parts of the brain. These are involved with both the hearing and interpretation of the sound. Generally, It’s discomfort associated with TMJ problems. That can also aggravate any pre-existing the Tinnitus.

TMJ Related Tinnitus Usually Treatable

There are lots of treatment available for the Tinnitus relates to TMJ disorders. Some important treatments are as a change to a soft diet, the use of anti-inflammatory medicine and the exercise of the jaw muscles. Those people who clench their jaw, bite appliances may be made which corrects the way of Jaw. Due to this, there is no load and stress on it.

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