Can Beer Cause Tinnitus? How Alcohol Affects Hearing?

Usually drinking alcohol increases blood flow to the inner ear. As consequence tinnitus occurs which is a ringing, swooshing, buzzing sound in the ears. Therefore drinking too much alcohol or beer cause tinnitus. It is otherwise known as a symptom of hearing loss or a symptom of vertigo. This situation solves itself within a few hours, but if still present then some serious problem may arise. Excessive drinking in a regular manner can lead to permanent tinnitus.

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Some other reasons why drinking beer cause tinnitus:

Shrinks the auditory cortex

The auditory cortex is a part of the brain which is responsible for the basic and higher functions of the hearing that your ear transmit. Then the auditory cortex process those auditory signals into the words, music and other sounds that you hear. Excessive drinking can shrink the auditory cortex, which limits your ability to hear- ultimately create deafness or ringing in the ears.

Damages auditory hair cells

The tiny hair cells of the cochlea translate the sounds into electronic impulses and send along the auditory nerve to the brain. Alcohol consumption on a regular basis creates toxicity in the ear due to which these hair cells get damaged. Once damaged, they do not regenerate. Any type of hearing loss resulting from damaged hair cells is permanent.

Off-balance, ears ringing

Many people feel ‘the spins’ in the morning after a night of drinking because alcohol is absorbed in the fluid area of the cochlea in the inner ear. Despite stopped drinking, and having no more alcohol in the bloodstream it stays there for a long time. This can accelerate vertigo or balance issues.
If you have an alcohol-induced hearing loss, go for a hearing screening and consult with a hearing health professional as soon as possible and know how to protect your hearing from further damage.

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