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    Group Speech Therapy Activities

    Group speech therapy activities help children to learn fast about real things and objects in an interesting way. There are some activities which help you teach your child or students.

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    Identify The Skills of Each Child

    • Create a worksheet that has various type of vocabulary picture with words on them. Start with some pages containing simple words, after that try hard words from different categories. You need to try basic words, then try different categories, then move to vocabulary words that are used in the school curriculum.
    • When students start finding words on the sheet then give each student separate sheet and position on the class so they can’t see each other. Give words to find on the sheet and check student find these words or not. After that describe words and ask them to find the related word, if you are working on the definition.
    • Find out, what kind of words every student needs to work on, such as basic school vocab, basic categories, or curriculum-based vocabulary. Use these words for vocabulary-building exercises.

    BINGO Games

    • Make a BINGO sheet with words that the children need to work and give every student a separate sheet. You do not need to change the position of the words for every student.
    • Say words and ask them to hear it.
    • Give the definition and ask students to figure out what you are describing.

    Bring In Real Objects Or Demonstrations

    If all the children in your group are working on similar words. Than demonstrate these words using real-world concept or object. You can demonstrate them using various ways:

    • If you are demonstrating categories bring a bunch of toy vehicles and play food say children to sort them and talk about them.
    • When you’re doing curriculum-based vocabulary activities do those activities that demonstrate these words and talk about those words.
    • If you’re demonstrating on water, bring water in the pot and demonstrate stages of water such as vaporization, freezing.

    Sorting Activities

    • Give a stack of cards to students and instruct them to short it into different categories. Do this activity in a group. Take one card and ask children what is what you can do with it.

    Hold Races

    • Place picture cards at the end of the room. Instruct all children to bring right card first. Then start a race between them after declaring a winner who brings the right card first.

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