Hearing Test

Understanding Hearing Test

Hearing test are used to evaluate your ability to hear different sounds and to determine whether a hearing loss problem exists or not. The Hearing loss test is performed by an audiologist with the help of an audiometer. The audiometer helps to assess the extent to which a person is suffering from hearing loss.

Need for Hearing Test

Some people are able to identify the need for hearing test on their own, while some require other people’s advice. Since the problem is a gradual process, people often end up ignoring it during the early stage. Asking people to repeat what they’re saying, trouble listening to people at a crowded place, listening music/watching TV in very high volume are some of the warning signals. Thus, hearing tests are necessary so that the hearing problem can diagnosed.

Answering the following questions will give you an idea whether or not you need to get your hearing tested.

● Do you find it difficult to have conversations in quiet surroundings?

● Do you often find yourself increasing the volume of TV or Radio?

● Do you have to ask people to repeat themselves?

● Do you find it hard to have a conversation on the phone?

● Do you think people around are always mumbling?

The conclusion of the test may show some signs of hearing loss. There’s a possibility that the person is facing difficulties in catching up conversations or some words.