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Hearing impairment comes with age but can affect anyone. According to American research, atleast 25% of people over 50 experience loss of hearing, and 50% of individuals over 80 experience it. But relax! One way to test for hearing loss is through the use of audiomentry.

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What Is Audiometry?

Audiometry test is painless, a noninvasive hearing test that measures a person’s ability to hear different sounds, pitches. Patients who have a tumor in or around the ear may undergo hearing testing to determine whether a hearing loss has occurred or to monitor their hearing before and after surgery. It is also checked whether or not hearing aids or surgery may enhance one’s hearing.

Audiometry Test

This test is generally the 1st quantitative hearing test done to assess the nature and degree of hearing the loss in adults and in children over about four years of age to properly plan the most appropriate interventions. Other tests may include the testing of middle ear function and speech audiometry.

The Procedure of Audiometry Test

Our ear is divided into three parts, the outer, middle ear, and inner ear. Audiometry tests can evaluate whether you have sensorineural hearing loss which can damage the nerve or cochlea or having a conductive hearing loss that damage the eardrum or the tiny ossicle bones. During this test, a variety of tests may be performed on you to observe your issue.

Audiometry indicates what hearing thresholds decibel (dB) are required to just be able to perceive a tone or sound at a different level of frequencies (Hz). A pure tone audiology decibel at a particular frequency is the decibel level at which a sound is perceived 50% of the time.

The decibel level scale used in pure tone audiometry is dB Hearing Level (dB HL). The dB HL intensity scale is based on normal human hearing with 0 dB HL representing the median threshold for ontologically normal young adults.

Audiometry testing is the proper measurement of an individual’s hearing sensitivity to calibrate pure tones at different frequencies. The basic audiological assessment focuses on pure-tone air conduction thresholds in the frequency range 0.25 – 8 kHz. The test is conducted in a sound soundproof room.

Each ear is tested individually using a variety of transducers such as headphones, insert earphones, or bone conductors. As it is a behavioral test, it is dependent on the response from the individual being tested.

Hearing Loss Levels

Normal = less than 25 dB HL

Mild = 25-40 dB HL

Moderate = 41-65 dB HL

Severe = 66-90 dB HL

Profound = more than 90 dB HL

What Happens During The Test?

The audiometry tests are conducted in an isolated environment. Earphones will be plugged on your head. The audiologists will ask you to sit still and not to talk. The earphones are connected to a machine that will produce tonnes and different sounds of speech to your ears, one ear at a time.

You have to raise your hand when you hear a sound from the earphones. For example, if you hear a sound from your left ear, you have to raise your left hand, and if you hear a sound with your right ear, raise your right hand so that health care professionals can evaluate properly.

The audiologist may provide you some facilities, you may be asked to push a button or make some other sign that you have recognized a sound.

The hearing professional will measure and record each tone at the lowest possible volume that you were able to hear it properly. Before the general audiometry test, The tuning forks are used to conduct the Rinne and Weber tests. Each test will detect the potential for different kinds of hearing loss.

To assess speech discrimination, you will be instructed to repeat the words you hear. You will hear a series of words at a volume that will gradually decrease as the test will further progress. In the second stage of the test, you will hear and repeat a series of words at a volume that does not change.

A pure tone audiometer is used to measure hearing thresholds. The audiometry test simply varies from, inexpensive screening devices used in public health programs, to more elaborate and expensive diagnostic audiometers used in hospitals and clinics. They output quantitative as well as qualitative information about hearing sensitivity or other hearing issues.

Pure Tone Air Conduction Testing

Pure tone air conduction audiometry test evaluates the hearing levels at different frequencies and pitches at which one can only just hear a tone presented to the external ear canal. Before testing processes, very clear instructions must be given by the audiologists so that no misunderstanding exists about how to respond to hearing sound during testing.

After Audiometry

After the test, your audiologist will review your results. Depending on how well you hear sound and tone, they will tell you about preventive measures you should take, such as wearing earplugs around loud noises, or any corrective measures you may need, such as wearing a hearing machine.

Test Results

The audiologist will brief you about your final test results. A report may be sent to your referring physician, who may be a neurosurgeon, otolaryngologist, or primary care physician. They will advise you what is the test results mean for your hearing loss and treatment options.

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