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Speech is the hearing stimulus through which we all communicate. The speech recognition is therefore of great interest to all in the fields of speech and hearing.

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Speech Testing

Speech testing is beneficial to all people who are suffering from communication disorders or hearing loss. It is a method of measuring your ability to recognize speech and the degree of hearing impairment. An audiologist may perform a number of tests on you to check your hearing.

This test will examine how well you can listen to and repeat words. This test also includes a speech recognition test.

Speech Recognition Test

The Speech Recognition Test (SRT) determines your ability to hear and understand normal conversations. It measures the lowest level sound your ear can pick up and how clearly you comprehend spoken words. The SRT helps the specialist to know the quietest speech that you can discern at least half of the time.


An audiologist will ask you some questions regarding your hearing history to evaluate the issues properly.

These questions may include:

  • How long have you had difficulties in hearing?
  • You are having a problem with hearing over the telephone?
  • Is there a history of hearing loss in your family?
  • Do you know the reason for your hearing loss?
  • Do you hear better in one ear than the other when you are on the phone?
  • Do your ears ring?
  • Do you normally get ear infections?
  • Do you have any ear pain?
  • What are the difficulties you are having in understanding the conversation?
  • Are you currently taking any medications?

An audiologist now physically inspect your ear with an otoscope, An otoscope is similar to a flashlight combined with a magnifying glass. They will be checking any problem inside your ear. After the evaluation, they will perform a series of tests.

When Your Child Need Speech Test

You should consult an audiologist if you notice any of the following issues in your child. These include:

  • Your child does not always respond to sounds.
  • Your child does not answer when your call for him.
  • Your child does not follow directions.
  • Your child says, “Huh?” or “What?” a lot.
  • Your child does not say many words.
  • Your child’s speech is not clear.
  • You notice that your child has the TV, radio, or headphones turned up too loud.
  • Many of them making jerky movements while talking, usually involving the head.
  • They also hoarseness, or speaking with a raspy or gravelly sounding voice
  • Visible frustration when trying to communicate
  • Taking frequent pauses when talking.
  • Adding extra sounds and words

How The Test Is Performed

Speech test is conducted once after the bone-conduction and pure-tone tests are completed. In a speech test, the patients are delivered via headphones or earbuds. The patients will listen to a series of words and he has to repeat them back to the audiologist the best they can.

The volume level can be adjusted throughout this test in order to determine the lowest level of speech that can be heard half of the time it is given to the patient. The test may be conducted in a silent room to determine the faintest level, but may also be conducted in a noisy environment to determine the amount of volume that needed in order for the patient to hear the words clearly.

Both tests are equally important to evaluate the proper programming of hearing aid in both quiet and loud environments. Speech testing is important for an audiologist to understand where some of the problems lie with a patient and their hearing impairment

Communicating with others is very important to us. These three tests together, pure-tone, bone-conduction, and speech testing, all help the hearing health professional to diagnose a patient’s hearing loss.

Speech test is performed on the people who have a disability that includes trouble pronouncing words, It also enhances language development, communication, and pragmatic language skills quickly and efficiently.

How Are The Results Interpreted?

The total number of correct responses from the patient’s two test runs may demonstrate better access to contrastive speech information for the higher scoring condition. All the other circumstances of the test conditions must have been carried out in exactly the same way.

The test result is important for those involved in the auditory habilitation, as well as for audiological considerations. The information can be used in different ways. Listening to games is important for a child during a test.

For example, a child is detecting through the hearing machines, an audiologist can note that but not able to discriminate between /s/ and /sh/. An audiologist provides an intervention service that focuses on improving a child’s speech and abilities to understand the conversation and phrases.

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