Will A Pediatric ENT Consultation Resolve Child’s Ear Infection?

If your child has symptoms of an ear infection consult a pediatric ENT ( Ear, nose and throat specialist) without any delay.

Ear Infection

Ear contamination can be terrible for anybody. However, it is especially upsetting for an infant or little child. Ear diseases cause torment, crabbiness, and loss of craving. You may see that when your kid has an ear disease, they may get at their ears, have poor sleeping patterns or expertise moodiness. Get some answers concerning these and different side effects just as answers for pediatric ear contaminations.

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An ear infection is of two type one is otitis externa ( outer ear infection) and otitis media ( middle ear infection).  Otitis media has two forms of infection, chronic and acute. Bacteria and viruses cause this infection. In otitis media effusion, fluid also builds behind the eardrum. Otitis externa causes due to the exposure to water which increases the exposure of the skin to yeast, bacteria, and fungi.

Different otolaryngologist has different judgments and will give different treatments for infection. Therefore yes, pediatric ENT will resolve your child’s infection but your kid should follow the whole treatment completely and very carefully.


Ear contamination happens behind the eardrum in the center ear. This kind of disease is regularly called a center ear contamination. Numerous youngsters, particularly those younger than seven, experience the ill effects of these kinds of ear diseases. This sort of disease causes torment when left untreated and can prompt genuine inconveniences, for example, contamination or hearing misfortune.

Ear diseases are basic in youthful kids on the grounds that their Eustachian tube, a cylinder that keeps running from the center ear to the throat. It does not work in youngsters or grown-ups. The Eustachian tube levels weight inside the center ear just as channel any liquids that may aggregate in the typically air-filled center ear hole. At the point when the Eustachian tube doesn’t work legitimately, it can’t empty liquids out of the center ear or adjust the weight. At the point when the liquid winds up caught in the center ear, an ear disease creates. When the liquid is caught, microscopic organisms and infections can shape which cause the contamination.

When to take your child to Pediatrich ENT

For small children, infection is very painful. Mostly 90 percent of the children have infection up to two years of age. Generally, a parent should consult a doctor if any child with three or more infection in the starting six months and four or more infection in the starting twelve months. In the case of fluid, that lasts three or four months with associated hearing loss, consultation is needed.

Symptoms of ear infection

  • Pulling on the ears
  • Increased irritability
  • Loss of balance
  • Behavioral changes
  • Fever
  • Decreased appetite
  • Awakening at night
  • Fluid flowing from the ear.
  • Facing trouble in sleeping.

What to expect from Pediatrich ENT

When you will first visit Pediatrich ENT, he will examine your child and study his lab reports, X-rays, CT Scan reports, etc. Afterward, he will ask about medical history, details about the duration of ear infections, the type of medicines your son has taken.

After examination of test reports Pediatrich ENT can do the following to resolve the child’s ear infection :

  • If the ENT determines that the pus building up in your son’s ears (which causes the infections) is compromising his hearing by at least 40 decibels, he may decide to put tympanostomy tubes in his ears.
  • If the ear infection has not affected the child’s hearing and speech, then he will recommend antibiotics for treating ear infections for a few months. And if it worsens he will recommend surgery.
  • ENT may decide to drain the pus that’s pooled in your child’s ear.

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