What do you know about Adenoiditis?

Adenoiditis are masses of lymph tissue, located behind the roof of mouth and nose, in the pharynx. They are invisible. It is the inflammation of these glands. It mainly occurs in children below 15 years of age and decreases with age.

Adenoiditis is a common disease, with approximately 10 million cases reported each year. It is a communicable disease and spreads through airborne respiratory droplets and saliva.

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Adenoid Tissue or Adenoid Gland-

The adenoids are a mass of soft tissue behind the nasal cavity. Like lymph nodes, adenoids are part of the immune system.

When it is infected and enlarged it is difficult to see Adenoid tissue or adenoids gland. As they stay at the back of the throat while tonsils are very much visible. Therefore, identification of the disease by enlarged adenoids is not frequent. Along with age, this disease slows down and gradually disappear in most of the children as they grow up and reach the teenage. While in some cases they persist in a shrunken state. Children having larger adenoids are more likely to affect with this disease.

Adenoiditis Symptoms:

It works as a magnet for the germs so that they get stuck in this tissue and does not allow them to get enter in the body cavity. Therefore, when the infection infects this magnet like gland or tissue, the adenoids suffer from Adenoiditis.

  • Stuffy nose
  • Heavy mouth breathing
  • Foul breath
  • A sore throat
  • Snoring
  • Swollen neck glands and throat
  • Thick green or yellow drainage from the nose
  • Nasal speaking sound
  • Trouble to sleep due to heavy breathing
  • Ear pain and ear trouble.

Who is in Risk Factor

There are the risk factors that can make you susceptible to the infection

  • Contact with airborne viruses, germs, and bacteria
  • Having infections in the throat
  • Infection of the tonsils

Causes of Adenoiditis

The main function of the adenoid tissue and glands is to protect or keep away the body from the viruses and bacteria which are trying to enter the body through breathing. Therefore, these virus and bacteria are the very basic causes of this disease. Epstein-Barr is one type of viruses that cause this disease and there is also the Streptococcus bacterium that is also recognized as a root cause of adenoiditis.

Many time the children of young age suffer more from this disease as they are sensitive to infection more than the elders because their immune system is incomplete developed. However, if the adenoids tissues in children have any infections or if they suffer from tonsillitis often, there is a high chance that they will suffer from adenoiditis.


For its treatment medication include such as analgesics and antipyretic for viral infections, the bacterial infection which needs treatment with antibiotics. In the case of adenoids hypertrophy, doctors can surgically remove adenoids by a procedure called adenoidectomy.

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