How To Clean Hearing Aid Molds?

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Hearing Aids are a considerable investment. It is a good practice to learn how to clean and maintain hearing aids at home.

There are two types of ear molds. One with speaker and other without the speaker. Thus, both of them are cleaned differently. In RITE hearing aid molds should not be detached from the hearing aid.

People should know how to clean hearing aid molds. Here is a step by step instructions to clean hearing aid with molds.

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Visual Examine

  • Make sure the tube fits directly onto the hearing aid
  • Make sure the earmold opening is free of moisture and wax
  • Check the earmold tubes for cracks, twist or holes
  • Make sure hearing aid switches and volume controls are working properly

Steps to clean the hearing aid with molds Visual Examine

  • Hearing aid clean up brush – Clean the ventilation opening with a soft rage brush to clear all the build-up wax. Always hold the brush opening downward so that all the particles of the wax fall downward. Press the brush over the hole while twisting the brush slowly. Though some brushes have a magnetic battery removal tool for removing batteries.
  • Wax pick or hook – It is used to clean everything out of the holes which are not cleaned with the brush. These tools square measure designed to urge within hearing aid openings safely to get rid of stubborn wax and rubbish.
  • Dry cloth and tissue –  For cleaning the case of the hearing aid wipe with a tissue or a dry cloth.
  • Multi-tool – These versatile tools mix the comb and wax loop for a general-purpose choice.

Ear Molds Routine Care

  • Wipe off the ear molds with a soft tissue or cloth regularly
  • Sanitize the ear mold surface with a non-alcohol
  • Control the opening for ear wax build-up. If the wax is present, softly remove with the cleaning tool or toothpick.
  • When not in use, turn it off
  • Test the battery in hearing aid and change it if it’s low
  • Store the hearing aid in a cool, dry place when not in use during the day


  • The battery compartment should be cleaned with the cleaning brush
  • Remove the batteries. And keep the compartment open to dry overnight

Ask your professional

All the specialist have required equipment with specialized attachments that softly suck wax from unreachable areas. You can do cleaning hearing aid care at home also.

If you are still not sure how to clean properly your hearing aids. Or if you feel your devices need special attention. You need to ask for help from your hearing care professional – +91-9327901950.

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