What are the Tips to care for older adults with hearing loss?

If persons do not have the correct help to manage their hearing loss, then they will get an impact on their life. A type of Hearing Loss is presbycusis or age-related hearing loss. Approximately 70% of people, which are over at age 70 and 90% of people who are over at age 80 has a hearing loss problem. Minimum uses of Ototoxic Medications.

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Tips to care for older adults with hearing loss

During the loud noise, you should protect your ears. Always use of Headphones not use of earbuds. Noise is a common factor for hearing loss. Many companies which are manufactured headphone contain special noise-canceling devices, so people can use headphones for listening to music and movies. Always test your ears by ENT specialist within three months. Always listen to the radio in lower sound in the car.

Following tips are useful in caring for older adults with hearing loss.

Identify and check for hearing loss

You should check your hearing by the professional or audiologist of hearing health care at some time interval and you can clean your ear wax by them. Your hearing can be prevented due to regular checkup.

Improve hearing aid use and management

You should check the hearing aid device of older adults. Whether they need new hearing aids or hearing devices need improvement or replacement. The management of hearing aid is a very important task.

Meet communication needs

It is mandatory to meet the communication needs of older adults as they are facing hearing loss. So it’s your duty to take care of their listening needs so that they can communicate easily.

Provide assistive listening devices

Various latest and best assistive listening devices like digital hearing aids, microphones, etc should be given to older adults. This can make their hearing better.

Identify and manage other ears infections

Other ear problems like tinnitus, earwax blockage, external ear problems can also increase hearing loss in the seniors. So it needs identification and proper management.

Appoint hearing loss champions

Proper audiologists and champions should regularly and frequently check the hearing abilities and other functions related to the ear.

Wearing ear protection

You have to wear a hearing aid with hearing protection device in the heavy noise environment. Hearing protection device protects your eardrums or auditory cells from loud noise, music, dust or water, etc.

Have Your Hearing Test

Make an appointment to get a hearing test if you:

  • Have close relatives with hearing loss
  • Have trouble hearing conversations
  • Are around loud noises on a regular basis
  • Often hear ringing in your ears

Impact of Hearing loss Emotionally

The senior citizens suffering from hearing loss cuts from other people. The hearing loss can lead to several problems such as

  • Depression.
  • To be alone.
  • Aggression.
  • Cut from social life.
  • A decline in health.

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