India is currently cursed with the problem of speech disorder. The number of people suffering from this problem is increasing day by day. But there is some good news for you that many speech therapist clinic in Delhi, and hospitals have been built to overcome this issue. And HearingSol is among the best speech therapy clinics in Delhi.

Our speech therapists & pathologist experts of HearingSol are feeling glad to welcome you to solve your disability that includes trouble pronouncing words, speech therapy may help improve language development, communication, and pragmatic language skills quickly and efficiently. Our team consists of a highly experienced and qualified speech pathologist. They all know how to handle the patient calmly in sensitive cases and treatments.

HearingSol – Our Speech Therapy Mission

Our speech therapists provide an intervention service that focuses on improving a child’s speech and abilities to understand and express language, including nonverbal language. The mission of Hearing Sol is to provide comprehensive, speech disorder treatment to our clients. We make sure to give the highest quality care services and valuable solutions to help you achieve better coordinating the mouth to produce sounds to form words and sentences and understand the expressing language.

We believe in giving the following treatments and services to our clients:

  • Exercise to strengthen muscles on the face and throat.
  • Control breathing while speaking
  • Fluent speech
  • Talk therapy
  • Improve the outlook of your condition
  • Breathing therapy

Education Training & Certification of Our Speech Therapists

Our HearingSol clinic has highly specialized speech therapists who have completed about 10 years of education and training. This training includes:

  • Master of Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology (MASLP) – 2 yrs
  • The 4-year undergraduate program of Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology
  • 1 yr Diploma in Hearing, Language & Speech
  • 6 month Post Graduate Certificate Course in Auditory Verbal Therapy

After completing performance evaluation, they have passed oral and written examinations that are administered by the respective department.

Sign & Symptoms of Speech Disorder

People experienced common symptoms of speech disorder. These includes:

  • Repeating sound
  • Adding extra sounds and words
  • Elongating words
  • Many of them making jerky movements while talking, usually involving the head
  • Blinking several times while talking
  • Visible frustration when trying to communicate
  • Taking frequent pauses when talking
  • Distorting sounds when talking
  • They also hoarseness, or speaking with a raspy or gravelly sounding voice

Speech Disorder Treatment

The mild speech disorder may not be required any kind of treatment. Some of the speech disorder simply go away with time and others can be improved with speech therapy. Speech disorder treatment is different in every speech and hearing clinic. Speech therapy treatment previously focuses on articulation production. But now the best approach used in therapy with the same person at different times for different reasons.

Our speech therapists treatment may occur in a number of environment because of language and speech skills develops within the context of a child’s daily communication activities. For example at school, at home, in the neighborhood.

Each environment provides an opportunity for the child to communicate and interact with others. Treating in this natural environment will promote the generalization of learning to these settings. Treatment for children younger than 3 years, services may be provided at home.

Our professional therapist will guide you through exercises that work to strengthen the muscles in your face and throat. You’ll learn to control your breathing while speaking. They will focus on Contextual utilization, Core Vocabulary approach, Non- speech oral motor therapy, Speech sound perception training.

Why Do You Need Speech Therapist Clinic In Delhi?

Our speech therapists will help you in many ways, someone who is limited to communication receives ongoing speech and language therapy so that they can learn to communicate their daily and basic needs. Our duty is to provide a way to communicate through unaided and/or aided communication. We will help you to improve your social skills with the use of video modeling, role-playing, specific therapy apps, and social stories.

We work on other communication strategies to aid communication gesture, sign language, vocalization, and other means of communication. As speech therapists, we teach our clients how to communicate in other ways in addition to a formal means of aided communication (for example using the sign to eat, bathroom, and drink, tap on a person’s shoulder to get their attention).

If a child using specific sound consistently, we make them meaningful. For example, if your child can say “ha,” use that to help, it can help in building communication. For the nearness, “ba” you might use that for “book” if that is important to that specific individual.

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