What does a cochlear implant sound like?

When you wear hearing aids or cochlear implants, you may hear different speech sounds as compared to the normal hearing you are used to. The cochlear implant consists of the small computers or devices which are used to amplify or modify sounds that are easier to hear. You can observe the slight differences between this computer-aided sound and normal speech. As it is filtered, to remove frequencies of sound above 1500 Hz.

A cochlear implant converts the sound into electrical signals that can be interpreted by the brain. Well those who don’t wear cochlear implants and hearing aids, simulations can provide the experience of their sounds. Either simulation or those who are using cochlear implant may explain about the sounds of the cochlear implant.

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According to the fact, people who wear cochlear implant in only one ear reveals that the simulations they are made to hear were different from they hear sounds of cochlear implants. This is due to the fact that the brain adapts to hearing sounds through the implant in a way that can’t be captured by a simulation. But simulation provides an idea of the sound of the cochlear implant.

How do cochlear implant users hear sounds?

Sounds need a medium such as air, water to transfer the energy in the form of waves. The length, height, and speed of a sound wave determine how you perceive the sounds. Cochlear implant enables the sound to reach your brain bypassing the damaged ear part to directly starts stimulating the hearing nerve electronically. Thus with the help of cochlear implants, the function of the damaged part of the inner ear is covered to provide sound signals to the brain.

How does a cochlear implant produce sound?

The mechanism of cochlear implant hearing is completed in five steps:

  • The microphone picks the sound from the environment.
  • The sound is received by the microphone and is sent to the sound processor.
  • The Receiver or stimulator then start analyzing and digitizes the received sound into a coded signal. Then, the coded signal is sent to the transmitting coil.
  • The transmitting coil then sends the coded signal to the skin of the stimulator or the receiver of the internal component of the cochlear implant.
  • Then the signals are sent to the electrodes to start stimulating the remaining nerve fibers. These electrodes directly stimulate the auditory nerve throughout a portion of the cochlea.
  • The signals are recognized by your brain as sounds and therefore produces a hearing sensation.

You can also experience the sounds of a cochlear implant after wearing this device. Unless you don’t wear it you can’t get the answer to your question – “What does a cochlear implant sound like”?

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