Our audiologist and Hearing Test Center In Delhi will observe your level of hearing perfectly to determine whether you have a hearing loss or not. The test will take between 50 to 60 minutes. There are many factors that can lead to hearing loss, including an aging heating system, exposure to loud noises, infections, heredity, etc.

An audiologist test is very important because hearing loss can occur at any age and can affect the quality of life. An audiometry evaluation is a painless and non-invasive hearing test, It measures the ability to hear.

Necessary To Meet Demands

Hearing aid we provide is not just a tool to make sounds louder. It is a complex medical device. You buy hearing aids online without a complete hearing test and other services may not meet your needs it might save your money but it will be useless for you.

Our audiologist experts will assess your hearing and help you to choose the most appropriate hearing aid for you and adjust the device according to your needs.

Steps In Hearing Test Center In Delhi

  • Our audiologist will focus on your hearing history, He will ask you several questions on your hearing health difficulties in understanding speech, to provide the audiologist information on your situation and needs.
  • Hearing tests include otoscopy that is a visual exam of the external ear canal and eardrum will be checked properly to make sure there isn’t an issue that would prevent you from continuing the test.
  • In the next step we will examine how well your middle ear working. Our audiologist uses a probe to measure the movement of your eardrum.
  • Sound detection – this test is conducted in a soundproof room. It measures the lowest level of sound you can hear. Different types of sound will be played you have to give a signal to the audiologist when you hear them.
  • Word recognition – In this step, Our audiologist will repeat a series of words at the lowest level you can hear to focus on your ability to understand words clearly.
  • The result – After your complete hearing evaluation the audiologist will explain your result to you. Based on the result he will recommend various solutions such as using assistive hearing devices, receiving specialized care, and getting hearing aids.

The Symptoms of Hearing Loss

  • Sometimes you mix up a few words (for example “three” and “free”)
  • You ask people to repeat their sentences because you feel like they are not talking loud enough.
  • You think people around you mumble.
  • Trouble understanding conversation in a noisy environment.
  • You are unable to hear the alarm, doorbell, phone ringtone.
  • You turn the volume high on television.
  • You feel that you are unable to hear properly as you were hearing previously.
  • Exhaustion after attending social events

Types of Hearing Loss

Sensorineural hearing loss: This type of hearing loss caused to you by the destruction of ciliated cells It’s a permanent hearing impairment that happens once there is an injury to the little hair-like cells of the labyrinth or to the acoustic nerve itself.

Conductive hearing loss: It happens once there is an associate degree of obstruction or injury to the outer or tympanic cavity that stops sound from being conducted to the sensory receptor.

Use of Audiogram

Whatever will be the result of your hearing test will be shown on the audiogram. It is a graph that displays the softest sounds a person can hear at a different level of frequencies and pitches. Audiogram plays a very important role in hearing tests, closer the mark is to the top of the graph, the softer the sounds that a person can hear. The patient’s results gradually fall on the audiogram graph indicate the different degrees of hearing loss.

Symbols of audiogram The responses for the right ear is represented by “O” and responses of the left ear is represented by “X”. There is a key on the audiogram it identifies what the different symbols mean.

Solutions For Hearing Loss

Communication strategies: Our hearing professional will advise you on some methods to improve and simplify conversations between a person who has hearing loss and with people around him.

Hearing aid devices: We provide your modern hearing aids with advanced technology to better contact with the world of sound around you.

Assistive listening devices: We offer this device to make your life easier, It amplifies the sound in your immediate environment. It receives the signals and alerts the user.

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