What is mapping in speech?

In general terms, we can say that healthcare professionals use speech mapping to understand and distinguish about what the patient can hear and cannot hear. Though it is a complex and elaborative process. Let’s study it in detail.

It is a verification process used to ensure that your hearing machine is programmed as per individual needs. A small microphone is placed in the ear canal are used to distinguish differences in how you are able to hear speech through your hearing aids.

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It is basically the fitting of  “Real Ear” hearing aids. Speech mapping is a fitting and verification method that ensures that your hearing aids can be set according to your needs. With this method, small microphones placed in the ear canal distinguish differences in how you are able to hear speech through your hearing aids. It is a type of real ear measurement.

When your audiologist will diagnose while you are hearing, it will be shown on the screen. You can see your result on the screen so that you can adjust your hearing aids according to yourself.

Live Speech Mapping

The LSM process requires a small flat processing unit, two speakers, and a probe microphone. In the stand-alone model, LSM is conducted on one ear at a time. With some equipment models, where the system is built into the audiometer, binaural speech mapping measurements are possible.

Note that the system can be used with any type of speaker system, and the clinician can use a library of sounds and voices that are built into the equipment library or make a customized recording for clinical use.

live speech mapping 1live speech mapping 2

Live Speech Mapping is successfully being utilized by hearing care professionals to help the patients fully understand and see what they can and cannot hear. LSM utilizes “live real-time speech”—that of a family member, friend, or familiar third party—for real-ear measurements.

Benefits of Speech Mapping:

  • It analyzes hearing aid working properly or not.
  • Speech mapping focuses on the important and basic functions to effectively hear speech and sounds.
  • It provides immediate and tangible results.
  • This process increases your confidence and comfort at the time of using new hearing aids.
  • It provides an accurate way for programming hearing aid.
  • Accuracy is the key to speech mapping.
  • Speech mapping exactly maps your hearing aids at first try.

The process of Speech Mapping

  • At first, professionals place microphones deeper in the ear canals without touching the eardrum.
  • The placement of the microphones in the ear canals take into consideration a patient’s ear size and shape.
  • It uses digitally-recorded real-speech signals.
  • The use of such speech signals is very significant because in real life we want to her speech and not simply tones or beeps.
  • It doesn’t require subject tasks on the patient such as pressing a button or hand-raising.
  • One simply has to listen to the digitally-recorded real-speech signals. So speech mapping is a tool to adjust and set the hearing aids.

The audiologist and hearing professional have high tech equipment. That show what you are hearing by hearing aids on a screen in real-time. This method allows hearing loss person to analyze their hearing ability.

It is really super califragilisticexpialidocious technology for audiologist and doctors. You can concern your doctor for speech mapping.

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