How do you connect TV audio to your hearing aid

If you are wearing a hearing aid and got a problem enjoying TV. No need to worry then nowadays hearing aids have many features like streaming audio directly from TV to your hearing device.

If you have hearing loss then listening audio from the TV will be quiet challenging. It may happen that you need a greater volume of sound to hear properly than your family members.

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So, you can say ‘Stream it, Don’t Dream it ’. It is the era of technology.  With the advancement in technology, there is an advancement in hearing aid also. Therefore, it provides similar features like smartphones.

The TV Connector allows you to connect your hearing aids to your TV or other entertainment or communication devices. By stream audio from the TV to hearing aids, you can enjoy programs playing on TV.

Different hearing aid manufacturers have made their accessories through which someone can stream audio from the TV to hearing aid. They also have made applications that help to control your hearing through smartphones. Let’s have a look at the 10 easiest steps to stream audio from your TV to hearing aids.

10 Steps to connect or stream audio from the TV to hearing aids

  • Remove your new TV Connector from the packaging and Insert the micro USB end of the USB cable into the port on the backside of the TV Connector. Connect the USB end of the cable to the side of the power plug.
  • Insert the power plug.
  • Insert the other end of the audio cable into your audio output on the back of your television.
  • When power is on, the LED turns green to indicate that it is ready to stream.
  •  Check your TV Connector is plug into a power source or not. Ensure the hearing aids are switched on and within a 1-meter radius to allow an automatic connection.
  • Once your device connects, the hearing aids will play a confirmation tone.
  • Turn your television on.
  •  Audio signal transmit from TV to hearing aid directly. To get good signal reach within 15 meters of your TV connector. Hearing aid automatically streams the TV program as soon as the signal detects by the hearing aid.
  • Press the Connect button to connect multiple users to the TV Connector.
  • Your hearing aids are now connected to the TV Connector and now you can enjoy sounds.

Benefits Of Streaming Audio From The TV To Hearing Aids

Better listening through streaming: By streaming audio directly to your hearing aids, you stop struggling and focus on understanding. The quality of your listening improves. The ideal volume of sound is transmitted directly to your ear. Switching becomes easier. Suppose you are watching TV and a phone call comes then you can easily switch to receive your phone call. You can easily maintain the volume you require for hearing.

Maintaining Situational Awareness: Situational awareness does not tend to cease by the technology of social awareness. The technology maintains the balance between the different sounds according to priority. For example, if you are watching TV then you can also hear someone calling you. For this, you have to configure your hearing aid properly.

Stream the sounds that you love: After pairing of your hearing aids with your TV, it will change how you enjoy watching TV. You can watch and enjoy your favorite TV shows, news, music at the utmost level.

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