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We offer the best Cochlear Implant Surgery Center with advanced technologies in Delhi NCR. A Cochlear implant is a device which is inserted through surgery in the inner ear. It is purely a surgical process.

This surgery will help you to tackle the issues like sensorineural, hearing loss in both the ears and inner ear dysfunction. It is a very safe process.

An electronic device will be fixed inside your inner ear buy our experts in order to repair the damaged function of the inner ear, Rehabilitation and training are required in order to achieve the best possible hearing ability after surgery.

Why Cochlear Implant Surgery Is necessary?

Health care providers and our audiologists may consider a cochlear implant surgery if you are experiencing hearing loss and continue to rely heavily on lip-reading. People who need this surgery include individuals who:

  • Suffering from relying heavily on lip-reading, despite wearing hearing aids
  • Have hearing ability in both the ears but with poor sound clarity
  • Sometimes you miss half or more of spoken words, without lip reading, even when wearing hearing aids
  • Some of the people experiencing hearing loss and are not even helped by putting hearing aids.

How much cochlear is effective is vary from person to person. Speed understanding improves gradually. Most of the individuals note a significant growth in their awareness of sounds within some days after their cochlear implant is turned on. Improvement in speech understanding can be aided with auditory or hearing therapy after surgery.

What Happens During Cochlear Implant Surgery?

The surgery will be done in our clinic. Surgery will last two to four hours. Our experts will give you anesthesia to make you sleep during the surgery.

The surgeon will make a cut behind the ear and then opens the mastoid bone then he will identify the facial nerves and creates an opening between them to access your cochlea and then insert the implant electrodes into the cochlea.

Our surgeon will place an electronic device known as the receiver under the skin behind the ear. After this, you will be moved to the recovery area and then after a 2-hour observation, you will be discharged.

Cochlear Implant Surgery In Children

Development of spoken English is very important for a young child with significant hearing loss, We can help you with Cochlear Implant. There are several terms which can enhance a child’s development of listening and spoken a language with this implant:

  • If the child is younger it will be better with Cochlear Implant surgery
  • Experience with hearing and language prior to surgery
  • Consistent rehabilitation therapy and a language-rich home environment

If you are looking for a professional team, we are offering a comprehensive surgical, ideological, and rehabilitative program that collaborates with the education options and school of their choice.

Precaution After Surgery

You should take the following precaution after the surgery. These include:

  • You should not insert headphones or any ear equipment during recovery days.
  • Do not perform vigorous activities for some days.
  • Wash your ears normally after every 1-2 days.
  • Keep the bandage on your ear, the bandage may be stained with blood.
  • You can go home a day after surgery.
  • Don’t chase your stitches immediately after the surgery.
  • Follow the instructions for how to take care of the stitches, properly washing the head, showering, and general care and diet.
  • Visit our clinic after a week for the stitches removed and have the implant site examined.
  • Report to our health care provider if you have increased pain or fever.

Once our medical team will be happy with the progress, you can go home with your loved one. You may feel little pressure or discomfort around the implant area, But nothing to worry about that.

We will wrap a bandage around the head to protect the incision site. Instruction will be given by our team on how to take care of that bandage and when to remove it. You will get back to your normal activities after a few days.

Success Rate of Cochlear Implant Surgery Center

It has been analyzed up to 90 percent with a cochlear implant improve hearing. We are offering a successful treatment when hearing aids are not suitable for a child or an adult who is suffering from hearing loss.

The best result till now we have received the children’s age of 0-3 years. They achieved 90 to 95 percent language and hearing improvement. And about 80 to 85 percent of children develop a hearing speech equally as normal hearing.

The result of adults, up to 80 percent improved their hearing in terms of environmental sound, voice control, speech comprehension recognition. There is some limitation found in a noisy environment, at crowded places, concert place, and long-distance area.

Most of them experienced an improvement in their quality of life with respect to their mental state and social life.

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