How I lost my hearing overnight and coped up with it.

Hey guys !!!  this is Shagun Rajput. I woke up one September morning, something had changed and life was never the same for again. I lost my hearing overnight. While ordinary hearing aids couldn’t help me. Read my story in my word.

“I live in Maharashtra with my husband, as well as 16 & 12-year-old daughters. One year ago I lost my hearing. I remember the exact date that is September 9th, 2013. I had gone to sleep at night on my bed. At that time I was perfectly normal and healthy. When I woke up at 6 am, I felt weird – the left side of my head was numb and I was a little dizzy. My right side was fine, but I couldn’t hear anything out of my left ear. I thought I had an ear infection. At work, the dizziness continued, and I couldn’t hear at all.

Afterward, I went to an emergency medical facility. They said my ear was fine and referred me to the ENT department. I will never forget the moment when the doctor told me I had experienced sudden sensorineural hearing loss. I was terrified. A few weeks later I had an appointment with a nearby Hearing Professional. That was a tough day.  He informed me that it wasn’t going to heal, that I was never going to regain my hearing.  My hearing loss was permanent. He told me that hearing aids wouldn’t help me. To show me how it worked, he put a headband on me and lowered his voice to a whisper. And I heard him! That was all it took. I told him I’m ready, let’s do this.

Two weeks later I went for surgery, and after a number of weeks, I was fitted with my sound processor. Once I realized I could hear, I just started crying. Finally, I would be able to enjoy my old life again.In the Hearing Loss period of my life, I found myself retreating and not participate in social activities and the things I ignore the things that I usually love like going out to restaurants, attending school functions with my kids or going to the theater. I worked as a social worker, assessing and approving international adoptions. I see families and evaluate them After evaluation I check their abilities as parents to adopt a child. After I lost my hearing, I struggled through interviews, experienced trouble hearing, and had a difficult time concentrating.

I do training and presentations at work, talk to people and don’t have any problems in hearing them. I can take part in a function without any problem. Recently we went to a concert.  I have organized different programs for concerts, but I really felt like I didn’t even need them.  Everything sounded great.  I like to go shopping, cook, entertain, and now with my hearing aids, that’s not a challenge. It has given me the ability to live my life normally and do the things I always have loved.

My husband also thinks it’s great. Even I can easily hear anyone without the worry of the left or right side of mine. He can sit anywhere and I can hear. My children just think everything is back to normal. It’s part of who I am now. When people ask, I’m happy to tell them what the hearing aids and how they helped me. I lost my hearing in September, had surgery in December, and it was the right thing for me.  I don’t regret it at all. It’s been great, there’s no downside.

How I lost my hearing overnight and coped up with it.
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