Hearing is Key of Life and Hearing aids is like a light in deep night

Hi friends! This story is about my best friends life which was full of twists and turns. Yes, my best friend Tom. His childhood was not lucky enough to have the support and love from his parents. As his mother was died after giving him birth. That’s why his father disliked him. His father married a girl name, Maria who didn’t care about Tom. Tom was isolated in his house as well as in school.

Tom was deaf by birth. Due to his hearing loss, he received hostility and indifference attitude of his schoolmates, teachers, and parents. No one supported him and wanted to do friendship with him. Though Maria was his step mother, didn’t like him. Thus he was suffering mentally as well as physically.

One day, While listening to the music in earphones, I was crossing the road. Someone pushed me on the other side of the road as a van was about to hit me. That boy was Tom. This way I met him for the first time. After saving me from an accident he went away. I really want to thank him but he had left that time. Next day, on the first day of my school, I again saw him in the school campus. That time I caught him and started to converse with him. That time I came to know about his hearing disability.

After some meeting and conversation, we became best friends. I told my father about his hearing disability and insisted to help him. He consoled me and told that hearing aids will work for him. Next day I and my father visited Dr. Navneet Mittal hearing Clinic. He is an audiologist. He suggested specific hearing aid for Tom.

Next day, I came to school and gifted hearing aids to Tom. In the beginning, he refused to take but after I insisted, he received hearing aids with his tearful eyes and thanked me heartedly. Now, Tom could listen to all types of sounds and voices in the better way. He could participate in social gatherings, conversation and lead a normal life. Today, he is a well-established government officer. Hearing aid not only made him able to hear but also enabled him to lead his life vibrantly and with honor.       

Hearing is Key of Life and Hearing aids is like a light in deep night
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