Intuis Hearing Aid

Understanding Intuis Hearing Aid

Intuis Hearing Aid is the type of BTE Hearing Aid. It improves the sound quality that you hear. It helps you to enjoy the most precious moments. This type of hearing aid offers a reliable hearing experience in any of listening situation. They removes repetitive sounds like the hum of a refrigerator. It makes the speech more clearer that is easily understandable. It allows you to focus on the conversations effortlessly and enjoy the little sound that make the day perfect.
1. Hassle free handling
2. Easy to wear
3. Reliable

Features of Intuis Hearing Aid:
  • Directional microphones
  • Ergonomic design for a comfortable fit
  • Intuis’ feedback cancellation ensures whistle-free wear
  • Nanocoated housing offers unique protection from moisture, sweat, dust and dirt
  • Individually adjust your hearing instrument settings according to listening situation
  • Available with LifeTubes or earhooks
Discover Intuis Life:

1. Omnidirectional microphone: It is not visible and picks up sound from all directions.
2. LifeTube: It is simple to clean, inexpensive to replace, the ultra-slender LifeTube practically disappears when it’s in place.
3. Nanocoating: Unique protection for BTE models from water and junk.
4. LifeTip: Fits easily in the ear canal. It is easy to clean and exchange.
5. Battery door functions

Battery door on/off

Press the battery compartment to the rear down to the first stop to turn the instrument OFF. Fully close the battery compartment to turn the instrument ON.

Battery compartment lock

When the battery compartment lock is enabled, the compartment is naturally locked when closed. This prevents the unintentional removal of batteries.