How Young children with profound hearing loss benefit from cochlear implants?

Hearing Loss benefits from cochlear implants in young children are nowadays is improving very sudden. It helps to improve the auditory perception and speech intelligibility of young children suffering from intense hearing impairment.

Cochlear implantation:

Cochlear implantation is a surgically implanted electronic device (doctor puts in your ear through surgery). This device helps to send impulses directly to auditory nerve of your ear, which carries sound signal to your brain.

The implantation from cochlear will not only make you hear normally again but also it can help you a lot with sounds. Surgical risks are not too much but can cause tinnitus as well as dizziness. It is only available for people who have hearing difficulty in both the ears.  

Cochlear Implant Benefits For Hearing Impaired young children:

In a study, it is found that children’s age is playing a very critical role. In case of younger adults the cochlear implants benefit  at a early age and so is the surgical outcomes. The first two years of your child’s life are especially important for the development of your child’s language, speech and communication skills. 

Young children improve at a slower step. A lot of training is done after implementation that helps the child use the new ‘hearing’ which they can experiences. They can watch television easily especially when they can also see the speaker’s face. However, listening to the radio is often more difficult because there are no visual clues available. That is the way that Cochlear implant benefits for hearing impaired in the young children. 

An audiologist or another health professional can help you to decide the best option for your child. If you don’t have someone to speak to, we can help you to find a clinic’s appointment where your child can have their hearing testIt’s important the person you choose to look after your child’s hearing impairment should be someone who has enough knowledge in cochlear implants to help you to make the most informed decision and your child should be comfortable with.

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